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The large Fourth of Jul fireworks uncover celebrates not usually America’s Independence Day though also bids farewell to a Oz-Some, month-long, 2019 San Diego County Fair.

The thesis of this year’s satisfactory was author L. Frank Baum’s dear 1900 story called “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” we remember, as a child, examination a classical 1939 MGM film low-pitched “The Wizard of Oz” each year on television.

One of my favorite things to see and attend in is motorsports, and this year’s Fair did not disappoint. WGAS Motorsports ( returned with an overwhelming lineup of mud lane racing and stirring competition. we got adult tighten and took some photos and videos of a action.

Perhaps a many sparkling impulse was when one of a enormous Monster Trucks launched adult a high mud ramp like a rocket. As it reached for a rafters of a Del Mar Arena, it solemnly rotated behind only a small bit too much, and afterwards came crashing down on a roof. Don’t worry, a motorist walked away, though we was means to constraint an overwhelming video that we will share with you.

“Tuff Truck Racing” in a Del Mar Arena

There was most some-more to see and do during a Fair. we upheld on a rides, though highlights for me enclosed saying a waggish Impractical Jokers (stars of a TruTV show) on a grandstand uncover stage, checking out a tropical-inspired “Wicked Wahini” speakeasy unaware a Del Mar Fairgrounds (ssh! It’s a secret!), renewing acquaintances with some plantation animals, indulging in Fair food (leave your diet during home!), checking out Oz-Some Oz-themed exhibits, competing for Fair ribbons in a corn husking and on-stage “Wizard of Oz” trivia contests, and display my loaner Miata in a annual “Car Shows during a Fair.”

Loaner, we ask? While really impatiently watchful for Mazda to recover my new, really orange, 30th Anniversary Edition, 2019 MX-5 Miata from where it has been parked during a Port of San Diego for several weeks, we contacted Mazda and asked to examination a Miata. They concluded and loaned me a MX-5 Miata Club RF (Retractable Fastback), that we proceeded to enter in a annual “Car Shows during a Fair,” along with other Miatas from a San Diego Miata Club, and Mustangs.

Over a years I’ve owned 3 Miatas. They were fun to expostulate and have active automobile clubs compared with them. Get-togethers and fun drives in a backcountry are frequent. Having autocrossed Miatas for years, we can quietly tell we that they are also really tough to break.

I’d sole my final Miata – a 2006 – in preference of a 412-hp, 6-speed manual, 2011 Mustang GT. That automobile was brutally powerful. Under tough acceleration, it exceeded speed boundary in a heartbeat. Ultimately that is what done it reduction fun to expostulate for me than my Miatas. Thanks in partial to their reduction absolute though rev-happy engines, Miatas can safely be flogged tough though surpassing a speed limits, that severely expands their fun factor.

Furthermore, Miatas hoop like go-karts. They should, as they are not most larger! My Mustang has most some-more room for people and their stuff, though that additional distance and weight, and a additional of power, are penalties on narrow, twisty backcountry roads – a place where Miatas are during home. In a Miata, we can expostulate aggressively, have lots of fun and nonetheless sojourn safely within a speed limits.

Having now driven this new MX-5 Miata Club Sport RF for several days, we am commencement to conclude a singular impression of this fourth-generation (ND) model.

It includes a accumulation of useful reserve facilities that my prior Miatas did not offer, including a backup camera and a warning complement that alerts we when cars are in your blind spots on both sides.

I adore a new Miata. Driving it is all good that we remember about pushing my prior Miatas. It is impossibly nimble and immediately responsive, that creates it fun to expostulate even during low speeds, like when we rushed to Costco for groceries before they sealed for a weekend. My groceries compulsory some clever repositioning, though fit in a trunk.

To learn some-more about Mazda’s 2019 MX-5 Miata RF Club and all of a other Mazda automobiles, revisit and click on “Vehicles.”

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