Auto review: Volvo embraces a destiny with 2018 XC60 T8 plug-in hybrid

Matt Myftiu

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Vehicle: 2018 Volvo XC60 T8 eAWD plug-in hybrid

Price as tested: $71,590 (starts during $52,900)

Best feature: Powerful nonetheless well-spoken drive; Fuel savings; Massaging seats

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Who will wish this vehicle?: Luxury SUV buyers who wish some eco-friendliness churned with high category and power

Before we even dive into a eco-edition of a Volvo XC60, lets usually settle a baseline here:

The customary gas-only XC60 is one of a best oppulance SUVs on a marketplace — period. My time in that car stands out, in partial due to a truly lush interior, pointy breathtaking moonroof, top-notch leather upholstery and of march a good float quality. Last yet not least, massaging front seats are offering that indeed do a good pursuit massaging your behind and shoulders and are easy to control (Just dont get too comfy and remove concentration on a road).

So over all that fundamental integrity in a XC60, a doubt now becomes: What advantage is there to ascent to a plug-in hybrid chronicle of a XC60? (And a discerning hint, FYI: If we wish a gas-only model, we would act quickly; as Volvo has committed to rising usually hybrid or electric vehicles from 2019 onward, as they entirely welcome a eco-friendly transformation in a automobile world).


The 2018 Volvo XC60 T8 eAWD is powered by a 2.0-liter supercharged and turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and an 87 horsepower electric motor. The sum total outlay is a vigourous 400 horsepower and 472 lb.-ft. of torque.

Whats many considerable about this plug-in hybrid is that we mostly forget a a hybrid when youre pushing it. Its honestly powerful, and a tremendously beguiling pushing experience. Its energy numbers contest really good with non-hybrid vehicles from vast names like Porsche, Benz and Jaguar.

Drive modes include: AWD, Pure (electric), Hybrid (everyday) and Power (sporty), and an Offroad setting, simply tractable depending on a conditions youre pushing in.

What we like about this denote is that a not an all-electric vehicle, so we dont have to worry about being stranded if a extract runs out. It also includes customary AWD. A four-corner atmosphere cessation is offering to make a float even some-more beguiling in a curves.

Electric-only operation is adult to 18 miles. The car can be charged in your garage if we wish to make limit use of a electric miles and use reduction gas quite useful if we have a brief commute; Youll need about 7 hours to assign with a customary 110-volt outlet; A 240-volt opening will do it in about 3 hours.

Overall fuel mileage is 26 city/28 highway/26 total on gas-only XC60 models; and 59 MPGe on hybrid models these are good numbers, yet not as good as we had expected.


Regarding a Sensus Connect infotainment system, we get used to it yet it is still not my favorite design. Too huffy and tough to find some things. The 9-inch touchscreen is really vast adequate though.

An glorious audio complement is offered, with a choice to ascent to a Bowers and Wilkins complement with 1100 watts and 15 speakers.

There are lots of facilities customary here that are options on some of a competitors, yet once we start to supplement options on a XC60 T8 eAWD, things pierce adult in cost flattering quckly (my exam car grew roughly $20K from a bottom cost once all a facilities were added). There are some sovereign and state taxation credits accessible with these forms of vehicles, too, that can be helpful.

Steer Assist underline pushes we behind into your line if we are headed toward approaching traffic. The Blind Spot Warning complement automatically prevents we from creation dangerous line changes. Pilot Assist is a confidant step in Volvos try during removing a a automation finish line first. It can take over steering, removing adult to speed and braking but motorist submit during adult to 80 mph.

Among those customary facilities are: automobile puncture braking; mountain start assist; low-speed frontal collision mitigation; and back collision warning. A motorist tired guard is also enclosed and will advise we if your actions behind a circle prove fatigue.


The 2018 Volvo XC60 was already an extraordinary vehicle. Offering this some-more eco-friendly choice to XC60 buyers creates sense, even if a not a best-selling version, since this form of car is a destiny for Volvo. And if a XC-60 plug-in and a incomparable kin a XC90 plug-in hybrid are any indication, a destiny is bright.

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