Auto Review: Mazda CX-5 is a all-arounder — a fun expostulate with function, style

The CX-5 sits only next a CX-9 when we demeanour during a Mazda abyss chart.

It’s not a seven- or eight-passenger SUV, though it’s a unequivocally fun to expostulate five-person option. And when we get a GT package, it’s installed with some good options as well. The 3 contenders in a fast for Mazda start with a CX-3 that’s a smaller roughly sport-hatch form of vehicle. The CX-5 is a some-more normal SUV for 5 adults and looks great. Then a CX-9 satisfies a family and all of their stuff. we took a CX-9 to a beach final year, and it was a conspicuous furloughed SUV.

This week we demeanour during a smaller CX-5.

Under a hood is a 2.5L four-cylinder that produces 187 horsepower corresponding to a six-speed involuntary and down to a cement around all-wheel drive. The naturally aspirated engine pulls only excellent and gets to highway speed with relations ease. we generally like how a delivery shifts seamlessly and doesn’t ever rebound around gears. Even around city a tranny works good with minimal drama.

Exterior styling is spot-on for Mazda here. The position and a altogether measure of a CX-5 are good executed. It’s athletic, well-spoken and lovely all in one design. Up front is a honest and confidant griddle flanked by LED daytime lights and headlamps. Follow a physique lines around a sides where they combine together during a hatch, and that’s where LED tail lamps and twin empty pipes reside. The GT trim gets we some good wheels, haze lamps and some other discretionary equipment.

Moving to a interior where Mazda uses a rotary doorknob to control a shade and moves a volume doorknob to a core console. Once we get used to that, it’s an easy place to live. Driver controls are located in 3 vast round sign clusters that are easy to review and find info. The lurch itself is separate into dual areas by a vast HVAC vents. Below a HVAC controls is where you’ll find a rigging selector and a doorknob to control a screen. The shade is also touch-enabled if we wish to make approach selections, though we have to be stopped or in park. Once a doorknob is used a few times, it gets easier to navigate.

Rear chair legroom isn’t a problem many of a time, though if a front seats are pushed behind during all, you’ll remove substantial space. Kids and immature adults can lay behind there with palliate and copiousness of space. LATCH complement helps keep a kids safe, and a seats are elementary to install.

On road, a CX-5 is lots of fun to whip around corners and blast down a highway. we had a event to expostulate a substantial volume of time on a highway in opposite terrains and a Mazda never flinched.

Radar journey control is an extraordinary tech enrichment and is now being widely supposed as customary apparatus on several automobile makers. It’s tried-and-true tech during this indicate and unequivocally does save a motorist stress, generally in stop-and-go traffic.

The pushing dynamics of a Mazda are what set it apart. Sure it has a easily built interior and good tech in general, though a transmission, engine reactions and doing are second to none. It’s a driver’s SUV for certain and loves to be driven on behind nation roads. It’s got good brakes as well, so don’t be frightened to pull her a small where we can. One distrurbance was a Active Driving Display on a windshield; we only got sleepy of looking during it for zero other than it feels cluttered.

I spent a lot of time behind a circle of this SUV, and we desired roughly each notation piloting a CX-5. MSRP for a GT AWD is $34,685 and comes with a adaptive cruise, exhilarated back seats and steering wheel. Mazda claims around 26 mpg average. we was means to get 24 mpg city and around 31 mpg highway during my commutes with journey 90 percent of a time.

Will Chamberlain is a internal freelance automotive publisher and full-time Realtor with eXp Realty in Beaver and can be reached during

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