Auto review: 2019 Chevy Blazer is here — and zero like what we remember

T he 2019 Chevrolet Blazer midsize SUV is staid to burst to a conduct of a class, interjection to good looks, a ample and gentle five-passenger interior and good performance.

If we remember a tedious aged Blazer and TrailBlazer midsize SUVs, forget them now. The 2019 Blazer doesn’t share a bulb or shaft with them. It’s long, superb and surprisingly lush — Chevrolet’s answer to people who fear sepulchral SUV sales will meant highways full of tasteless lookalikes.

The new Blazer only started display adult in dealerships, though we recently spent a integrate of days pushing Blazers in and around San Diego, on routes that enclosed twisty towering roads, high hills, prosaic out highway runs and rush-hour traffic.

The Blazer’s doing and steering were responsive, creation it feel like a smaller car in complicated traffic. The float is comfortable, and a cabin is still during highway speeds and over severe pavement.

The styling is unique, with slight LED using lights, a pointy nose, quick windshield and roof and sculpted sides. It’s one of a few SUVs you’re expected to commend 100 yards down a road.

Blazer prices start during $29,995 for a front-wheel expostulate indication with a 193-horsepower 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. we tested a well-equipped Blazer RS, a sporty indication with all-wheel expostulate and a discretionary 308-hp 3.6L V6. A well-spoken nine-speed involuntary delivery is customary equipment.

Chevy expects a Blazer to contest in a flourishing new shred of high-styled five-passenger midsize SUVs. It fits in a lineup between a compress Equinox and three-row Traverse.

Blazer prices can proceed those of a family-oriented Traverse, though Chevrolet doesn’t design a dual to contest formed on a thought that buyers of five-seat SUVs are some-more meddlesome in character than practicality.

The Blazer RS’s sporty handing and manageable doing should win over buyers who have been doubtful about switching to an SUV. It’s during slightest as most fun to expostulate as a front-wheel-drive midsize and vast sedans automakers are abandoning in preference of SUVs.

The Blazer’s categorical competitors are expected to be a Ford Edge, Nissan Murano and Honda Passport, another aged name that’s entrance behind trustworthy to a new indication this year.

The Blazer’s interior has a conduct and shoulder room of a vast oppulance sedan, and copiousness of load space. The doors, lurch — only about everywhere we hold — is wrapped in soothing materials. Infotainment enclosed a WiFi hotspot, wireless charging and an 8-inch hold screen.

Other facilities include: 4,500-pound towing capacity; sport-tuned all-wheel expostulate for a RS for softened doing and response; faster steering on a RS that reduction sporty models; adaptive journey control; 18-, 20- or 21-inch wheels; shifting and recumbent back seat; dual-pane breathtaking energy sunroof; and customary HID headlights and LED daytime using lights.

Safety facilities embody approximate perspective video; high-definition video rearview mirror; brazen collision alert; unconstrained front puncture braking with walking detection; and lane-keeping warning and assist.

At a glance

Price range: $29,995-$45,600

Blazer RS AWD tested

3.6-liter V6 engine

9-speed involuntary transmission

Power: 308 hp @ 6,700 rpm; 270 lb-ft of torque @5,000 rpm,

Towing capacity: 4,500 pounds

EPA fuel economy rating: 20 mpg city/24 highway/22 combined

Price as tested $48,270 (excluding end charges)

Assembly location: Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

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