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Let’s face it, many enthusiasts aren’t shopping code new Audis. Brand new Audis are costly and many enthusiasts don’t have a income to buy them. So many of us spin to used cars, with a lot of business removing comparatively new, Certified Pre-Owned cars. One such car, that is utterly renouned among a Audi fan fanbase, is a first-generation, B8 Audi A5 Coupe. Not usually is it still beautiful though it’s a good automobile to expostulate as well. But, as any complicated oppulance car, it can be utterly costly to indeed possess and fix. So Auto Express has put together a bit of a examination of a first-gen A5, giving customers, and intensity customers, a bit of advice.

When shopping a used oppulance car, it’s always good to go into it meaningful what competence distortion ahead. You don’t wish to noise down a ton of income to afterwards all of a remarkable have large correct bills. So we wish to know what arrange of common problems there are, what to demeanour out for and what to put income aside for.


The strange Audi A5 Coupe, like any car, has a share of common problems. Though, during slightest from a list AE provided, they’re sincerely simple. Things like window regulators, circle orientation and doorway thatch can be unchanging issues. Though, there doesn’t seem to be any genuine denote of critical engine/transmission faults. Still, any arrange of correct that we competence have to do will be pricey and a use costs will be, too. Still, it’s value it.

While it’s an costly automobile to own, a Audi A5 is a good looking coupe with a illusory interior and considerable pushing dynamics. Sure, it has a issues, such as overly light steering feel (especially in later, post facelift models) and a smaller engines, such as a 2.0T, miss any arrange of stirring performance. But it’s still a automobile value looking into and it’s still a automobile value owning.

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