Audi Wants To Build An A9 Coupe – Just Not Yet – Carscoops

The high-end oppulance coupe shred keeps flourishing with new entries. And Audi could join in, if a arch engineer gets his approach – though it won’t occur only yet.

“I adore a figure of a two-door coupé,” Marc Lichte told
Autocar, “but it is also loyal that a [sales] volumes [for them] are most reduce than for four-doors. In a future, who knows? We have many ideas in this direction.”

The German automaker previewed only such a car in a form of a Prologue concept in 2014, forecasting a potential A9 coupe to lay alongside a A8 sedan during a tip of Audi’s lineup.

If it were to be put into production, a A9 would aim a likes of a Mercedes S-Class coupe and a stirring new BMW 8 Series and Polestar 1 – not to discuss sportier models like a Lexus LC and Aston Martin DB11 – while plugging a large opening between a existent Audi A5 and Bentley Continental GT.

To hear Lichte tell it, it’s not that Audi isn’t meddlesome in posterior that segment, it’s only that it has other priorities during a moment. “First we contingency launch a A6, afterwards we have a Q8 subsequent year, A1 and Q3. We won’t do anything before this. It’s step by step.”

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