Audi, Subaru hoard altogether code honours in ALG’s 10th annual Canadian Residual Value Awards

Toyota dominates Truck and Utility Segments

TORONTO, Feb. 12, 2018 /CNW/ – ALG, a benchmark for forecasting destiny automobile values, announced winners of a 10th annual Canadian Residual Value Awards, with Audi and Subaru holding tip honours for Mainstream Brand and Premium Brand, respectively.

ALG’s Canadian Residual Value Awards (RVA) commend vehicles in 26 segments, trimming from Alternative-Fuel to Fullsize Commercial Van, that are foresee to keep a tip commission of their Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) after a four-year duration for Mainstream brands and three-year duration for Premium brands.

This year’s recipients were selected from 2018 indication year vehicles that have shown clever value in their rival segments. The awards will be presented to automakers this week forward of a Toronto Auto Show.        

“Depreciation is a singular biggest cost of automobile ownership, and sensitive consumers know a significance of resale value when creation their squeeze decision,” pronounced Eric Lyman, clamp boss of ALG.  “The ALG Residual Value Award is a suggestive feat in a hyper-competitive automotive landscape.  Residual values are a pivotal indicator for a marketplace success of a vehicle, factoring in quality, product execution and code appropriateness as primary drivers of ALG’s forecast.”

Subaru continues a winning strain as a tip ranking among Mainstream brands, holding home a sum of 4 shred awards including a Subaru Outback in a Midsize Utility (2 Row) segment, a Subaru WRX in a Sportscar segment, Subaru Impreza in a Compact shred and a renouned Subcompact Utility segment, Subaru Crosstrek. 

Audi has emerged in new years as a contender in a oppulance space opposite tip European rivals, anticipating success with new product entries in a application space and emphasizing innovative technologies that have resonated good with oppulance consumers.   

Among Mainstream brands, Toyota landed a sum of 5 shred awards, including a Tundra pickup truck’s 8th and a Tacoma’s 5th uninterrupted true RVA award. Honda perceived shred awards for 3 of a models, including a Honda Odyssey in a Minivan segment.

Below is a full list of 2017 RVA winners:

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