Audi R8 2019 review: how does a bland supercar perform on track?

Audi has given a R8 supercar an almighty overhaul. The new automobile has been aggressively restyled and given a acquire boost in performance. 

The German carmaker’s one and customarily mid-engine appurtenance has gained a repute in new years for being “the everyday supercar”, definition it offers all a thrills of a Lamborghini Huracan with a comfort of an Audi A5 coupe.

Over a past few years, however, a association has faced unbending foe from McLaren, the British supercar builder that produces the 570S.

Both cars have identical cost tags and energy outputs. Keen to find out some-more about a adversary between them we trafficked to a Ascari circuit in Ronda, Spain, to see either a new R8 lives adult to a nickname – and how it compares to the 570S.

Stepping inside

It isn’t formidable to see since people impute to a R8 as an bland supercar. 

Getting into a supercar is customarily a wily business. Their low float tallness and pile-up structure, that customarily sits in front of a doorway openings, means we need to rise an Olympic-level gymnastics slight usually to get in and out of them.

That’s not a box with a R8. Stepping inside a supercar is as elementary as shifting into a seats of an executive tavern or coupe, and there’s copiousness of prominence to see a highway forward or – in a box – for spotting a fastest line by a corner.

Peer by a steering circle and you’ll find a latest chronicle of Audi’s digital dashboard, that is among a best in a business. The complement allows we to customise certain aspects of a dashboard, such as swapping a speedometer for a car’s sat nav. And when we place a R8 in Performance mode, a vast rev opposite dominates a centre of a screen.

While a R8’s cabin is some-more same to an RS4 than a GT3 racing car, it’s peaceful and spacious. As a car’s fans say, we unequivocally can use an R8 everyday. 

Now, though, it’s time to see how a R8 performs on a circuit. 

On a track

Conditions for contrast supercars were frequency ideal during a Ascari circuit. It had been raining heavily before a event and while a object was poking by a clouds a line was clearly slippery. 

But that wasn’t many of a problem interjection to a R8’s all-wheel expostulate system. As shortly as we edged out of a array line and onto Ascari’s undulating course, we found it comparatively easy to use a car’s 612bhp naturally aspirated V10 engine. 

With a peaceful poke of a accelerator, a R8 quick found traction exiting a track’s swooping bends before rocketing down a straights. This is a severely quick automobile and a smashing roar entrance from a high-revving V10 engine will make drivers who take their R8 to a line wish to go even faster.

Although a four-wheel expostulate complement does a good pursuit during providing hold in soppy conditions, there were a few occasions where we were means to slip a automobile while accelerating out of a corner. That’s since many of a energy is sent to a rear-axle. This gives it identical characteristics to a rear-wheel drive. 

This is by no means an emanate and many will be happy to know they can pull a automobile to a limits.

But we did find a R8’s steering somewhat lacking compared to that of a pivotal rival, a McLaren 570S. We indispensable to scold a steering a few times, for example, when coming corners during speed. 

That’s since a steering is somewhat numb, meaning that a steering circle doesn’t always feel as nonetheless it’s connected to a front wheels. This is customarily conspicuous on a competition line and won’t have many outcome when a automobile is driven on roads, though it might defect owners wanting to take their R8 to a circuit.


We came to a Ascari review to weigh how a R8 performs on track, though we left a circuit reflecting on how considerable it is as a highway car.

The R8 isn’t utterly as accurate as a McLaren 570S rival, nor does a cabin offer a same clarity of fad as other supercars do. 

But that’s since a R8 isn’t like other supercars. It might have a utterance V10 engine and racing automobile looks, nonetheless it’s a customarily automobile of a kind that’s usually as easy to expostulate as a family estate car.

Pricing and release

Orders for a new R8 and R8 Performance will open early subsequent year, says The Sunday Times. Prices for a customary automobile start during £126,200, creation it usually over £23,000 cheaper than a £149,000 570S.

Image credit: Daniel Wollstein

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