Audi plots A3 liftback coupé to take on Mercedes CLA

The word from Audi’s Ingolstadt domicile in Germany suggests that a new A3 indication has been drafted into a choice as a probable deputy for a TT, sales of that have plummeted in new years as buyers have deserted compress two-door models in hunt of some-more versatile offerings. However, this is denied by rarely placed Audi sources in Ingolstadt, who advise a destiny of a TT coupé and roadster stays open for a time being. 

Further sum about a new A3 indication are wanting during this early stage, though insiders have told Autocar that a A3 liftback measures some-more than 4400mm in length. By comparison, a existent A5 Sportback is 4730mm long. 

More affordable versions of a new Audi are set to run possibly a 1.4-litre petrol or 2.0-litre diesel engine in multiple with a 48V electric complement to yield them with mild-hybrid properties. 

However, Autocar has been told that skeleton have already been drawn adult for a some-more absolute 2.0-litre indication in a form of a S3 liftback. Set to opposition a Mercedes-AMG CLA35, a four-wheel-drive S3 liftback is approaching to offer some-more than 300bhp. 

The many absolute of Audi’s new five-door models will be an sparkling RS3 liftback that’s designed for launch in 2021. Fitted with a revised chronicle of a 2.5-litre five-cylinder petrol engine that powers existent RS3 models, with a particulate filter among a other changes, it will go adult opposite a new Mercedes-AMG CLA45 wielding some-more than 400bhp. 

In a pierce that’s dictated to couple a new liftback with a iconic short-wheelbase Sport Quattro launched in 1983, a RS3 liftback is claimed to accept a series of normal styling touches, including atmosphere vents within a heading corner of a bonnet, flared circle arches and a conspicuous spoiler within a trailing corner of an pointed liftback-style tailgate. 

Together with a range-topping S3 and RS3 models, Audi is also formulation to yield a arriving liftback with a newly configured plug-in petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain, that will offer an electric-only operation of adult to 31 miles, as partial of an extended operation of new electrified A3 E-tron models. 

Word on a Ingolstadt gossip indent also suggests that a pure-electric chronicle of a new five-door liftback, formed on a Volkswagen Group’s new MEB electric car platform, could also seem as a destiny Audi opposition to a Tesla Model 3.

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