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If we wish a smart, sensible, oppulance sedan that’s also fun to expostulate and drizzling with technology, it’s tough to pass adult a new Audi A6. In fact, all of a large German oppulance cars are excellent. However, there’s a bit of a gorilla wrench in a Germans’ prevalence these days and it comes from Korea — a Genesis G80. In this new comparison from Kelly Blue Book, we take a demeanour a that is better; a G80 or A6.

First, let’s take a demeanour during any automobile on paper. Both a Audi A6 and Genesis G80 are about a same distance and have identical levels of interior oppulance as standard. However, a G80 undercuts a A6’s cost by utterly a bit. While a Audi A6 starts life during $59,895, a Genesis G80 starts during $43,045. That’s a outrageous cost disproportion and will be an critical cause in a preference of many customers.

At that cost point, both cars come with V6 engines. The G80’s is a 3.8 liter naturally-aspirated V6 creation 311 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. While a Audi A6 gets a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 that creates 335 hp and 369 lb-ft. Both cars get involuntary gearboxes as-standard, with a Audi removing a seven-speed dual-clutch and a Genesis removing an eight-speed auto. The Audi A6 is Quattro all-wheel expostulate as-standard and a Genesis is rear-drive as-standard, with all-wheel expostulate available.

In terms of handling, a Audi A6 is pronounced to be a improved pushing car, generally in corners. It’s also a improved automobile to lay in, as a interior is a tops, with improved record and improved materials. It should, though, for a additional cost.

The Genesis G80 is still a really good car, though. It’s only not as good as a Audi A6 to drive, demeanour during or lay in. Still, it’s utterly a bit cheaper and still really good. So if you’re looking for a bill Audi A6, take a demeanour during a Genesis. But if you’re only looking for a best oppulance sedan in a segment, a Audi A6 is still king.

[Source: KBB]

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