Audi A5 Coupe 45 TFSI (2017) review

The two-door Audi A5 has returned to Thai showrooms − with a new choice for those wanting a small some-more pushing fun.

Thanks to a new distributor and importer in Thailand, Audi is on a hurl again with a slew of models being launched during a Bangkok engine uncover final month.

One competence doubt either Meister Technik can do an effective pursuit in augmenting Thai sales of a reward code holding on heading German nameplates Mercedes-Benz and BMW. After all, it’s usually a change in hands (formerly rubbed by a auxiliary of a Yontrakit Group) given there’s still no public trickery in a nation to assistance revoke sell prices of Audi.

However, executives of Meister Technik are penetrating to indicate out that all alien models have rival pricing opposite a countless Thai-built Mercs and Bimmers. Moreover, they supplement that prices of gangling tools are significantly revoke than ever to assistance revoke regulating costs for customers. Well, usually time will tell.

Another new thing for Audi in Thailand, if a small petty, is a approach they badge their cars now. Already practical in comparison markets around a world, there are no monikers relating to engine banishment anymore. Instead, numbers are now used to imply their opening strata and cost position — like how Audi’s dual archrivals do it.

Take a A5 Coupe, as tested here this week, as an example. The indication with 190hp 2.0-litre petrol-turbo engine is famous as 40 TFSI rather than 2.0 TFSI. And a 252hp movement of a same engine is dubbed 45 TFSI. Actually, this is utterly a good thought given one engine these days comes in several energy outputs (like a BMW 420i and 430i or Mercedes C250 and C300).

So yes, a A5 Coupe stays Audi’s riposte to that aforementioned foe in second era form, usually that BMW and Mercedes have nonetheless to offer a 430i and C300 in Thailand in coupe forms to conflict a 45 TFSI. The usually other aspirant that has allied energy to a 45 TFSI is a Lexus RC200t.

But as many of we now know well, Lexus is carrying some problems in pricing a cars competitively in Thailand. The RC200t goes for 5.49 million baht, while a likewise taxed 45 TFSI costs a many revoke 4.299 million baht. Of course, a 40 TFSI indication can be had for 3.699 million baht to lean punters from a C250, though there are still several good reasons to spend another 600k for a 45 TFSI version.

Apart from some-more value-added features, a 45 TFSI comes with Quattro all-wheel-drive to equivocate any probable critique of a simple front-wheel-drive format. And given we’re on this subject right now, it contingency be pronounced that Quattro positively helps make a pushing knowledge in a 45 TFSI some-more secure and, to a certain extent, some-more enjoyable.

Thanks to a centre differential and torque-vectoring control, a Quattro complement plants all that energy to a tarmac in an effective manner. Accelerating tough from a delay on a reduction grippy highway aspect or when entrance out of a bend, a 45 TFSI feels planted in a unequivocally healthy approach though any torque drive or circle spin.

Quattro all-wheel-drive is a contingency for hard-footed drivers. 

This means that we can unequivocally feat those 252 ponies a 45 TFSI has to offer. Performance is free during many all times, be it around city or on an dull bit of highway. The 45 TFSI honestly seals a understanding in opening terms, distinct a RC200t that feels like some 50hp have been mislaid along a approach while driving.

The 45 TFSI uses a proven dual-clutch involuntary delivery of a Volkswagen Group that is substantially another thing that helps make opening simply permitted — a trait that can be found in many other Audi models of currently and yore.

The framework set-up itself is usually about right for real-world pushing conditions. Aside from a occasional bump caused by a low-profile tyres during low speeds, a float is mostly still and comfortable. At a same time, a steering turns intuitively around town. The directness of a shelve is also presumably due to a right hole distance of a steering.

It’s usually when we pull a automobile tough in corners where physique control could be lacking — something we won’t be doubt in a 4-series and C-class Coupe. But in all fairness, a 45 TFSI still handles utterly orderly and has sufficient straight-line hold with additional interjection going to that Quattro system.

As for a wrapping of a A5 Coupe, it contingency be pronounced that there’s a good change between character and practicality. There’s a good clarity of coupe proportions and a extraneous sum aren’t overstating. Yes, it looks like a coupe wearing a neat, complicated suit. In fact, all of a rivals are equally stylish and atmospheric for 4 adults, so it’s all down to personal taste. But where a A5 Coupe stands out opposite a opponents is interior pattern and motorist ergonomics. The perspective in front is good interjection to slim A-pillars and a pushing position (bar a somewhat ungainly position of a stop pedal) is scarcely faultless. Various switches and orchestration are clustered in a right places. The digital arrangement (known as Virtual Cockpit in Audi speak) and MMI (multi-media interface) duty are a other boons.

As with many other Audis, a A5 Coupe has a high turn of viewed quality. In S Line package (the homogeneous to BMW’s M Sport and Mercedes’ AMG Dynamic trims) a materials are righteously on a sporty side: brushed amalgamate and black suede leather.

Speaking of a apparatus level, it’s tit for tat in a 45 TFSI. You competence have been awaiting alloy-studded pedals when indeed there aren’t any.

There’s a parking support complement though no all-round perspective shade when not regulating it. And if we wish to enter a back seats, a front chairs can’t slip in one go.

Even so, there’s still many to like about Audi’s latest 2+2 coupe. In fact, a A5 Coupe inherits many of a prototype highlights like a grand looks, neat interior pattern and easy pushing manners. There’s a good possibility that a obtuse 40 TFSI (which we didn’t get to sample) will do for many punters.

But for those wanting a small some-more opening and pushing fun, a 45 TFSI is utterly estimable during a cost indicate that has nonetheless to be assigned by a competitors.

Various switches and orchestration are ideally placed in a cockpit. 

Rear space is usually adequate; suede-covered seats are good to lay in. 

Turbo engine works good during all speeds. 

The A5 has neat pattern cues for an superb coupe body.


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