At $750, Would You Add This 1996 Toyota Camry LE Wagon To …

The seller of today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Camry says that it does not wish to die. Of march nobody wants to expel off their mortal coil, yet could this well-used automobile come with a cost that creates it value vital with?

The bellow beetle is a small bug that is destroying good swaths of America’s forests. The guileful insects gimlet underneath a bellow to reproduce. As they go, they widespread a mildew that serves to modify a phloem, or middle bark, into food for a larva. That can eventually kill a tree. Drought, meridian warming, and tree densities can intensify a repairs finished by a bugs, and in fact there has been widespread tree mankind opposite a American west.


In my estimation, a SUV/Crossover has arrange of been a automotive homogeneous to a bellow beetle, with a hire automobile being their target. Today we have customarily a few low longroofs left from that to choose. In their place there’s copiousness of high-roof ones with high tires, tough-guy black cosmetic trim, and customarily small some-more than FWD to their name.

I doesn’t have to be like that, though. Yesterday’s 1987 Audi 5000CS Turbo Quattro Avant valid that there’s still a few good wagons out there, some even with AWD and a bit of sporting intensity in their curriculum vitae. Not customarily was that Audi applauded for a small existence, it’s $3,000 cost tab gained preference as well. That finished adult with a plain 65-percent Nice Price win to start off a week on a high note.

You know what? When it comes to wagons, I’m meditative we should let it float for another spin of a wheel. Here we have a 1996 Toyota Camry LE wagon that is important for carrying two—count ‘em, two—wipers on a behind window. That’s exquisite with a windshield’s count, creation this automobile an OCD sufferer’s nirvana.


I’m indeed ban this Camry with gloomy regard as a behind wipers are customarily a second many important feature. The initial is that it’s an XV10 model, that is a many extravagantly over-engineered Camry there ever was. Seriously, these things have Volvo-levels of can-do moxie.

Are they sparkling and enchanting to drive, or smashing to see? Oh ruin no. But they do tend to be means to go until a object browns itself out and even afterwards there’s no reason to design a automobile to give up. Just holder a heater adult another notch.

Just demeanour during this one. Shit that’s ugly. we mean, it’s like Toxic Avenger mangy. The hood and nose aren’t usually highway peppered, they’ve been majorly bukkake’d by rocks and stones and other paint-chipping detritus. There’s also some flattering nasty decay herpes cold-soring it adult on a behind doorway and behind fenders. Is it fatal? Likely not. This is a ’96 Camry we’re articulate about after all. The rest of a dim blue paint looks remarkably intact, and a whole thing looks ideally serviceable, if certainly fugly.

The interior totally belies a car’s age. There’s customarily some teenager dirty on a cloth seats and bucket area runner in there. And, approbation this does seem to have a third quarrel in back.


This is a mid-tier LE that means cosmetic heart caps on steel wheels and black cosmetic side mirrors and doorway handles rather than physique tone units. Toyota done stout cars behind in a day, yet they weren’t fearful of vouchsafing everybody know when we were pushing a cheap-seats edition.

One ascent here is a 1MZ-FE V6, a 2,994-cc DOHC V6 rated during 168 horsepower and 183 lb-ft of torque. No, those aren’t well-developed numbers for a three-liter 6 today, yet it does make all that on 87 octane. These engines had issues with oil sludge build up—a category movement fit was filed by owners in fact—but unchanging oil changes can assuage that emanate sufficiently. Hopefully this one has had those over a march of a conspicuous 268,000 mile life.

That’s a lot of miles, yet a seller says that this Camry wants to keep on gripping on. He does note that it has an ABS light illuminated adult on a dash, and a clanky CV on a left side. Other than that he claims it “runs super clever and drives great.” It also comes with keyless entrance and a remote starter. Fancy!


Here’s a dealio: a seller is seeking $750 for a car. Yes, it needs a new axle, and substantially a circle sensor for a ABS. It is an automatic, yet all a wagons came like that in this generation. It’s also a Camry, a automotive homogeneous to holding your cousin to a prom.

Still, this thing would make for a ideal beater. Or, a good initial automobile for a teen driver. Or, a automobile for someone who needs it to get to their smallest salary job. And live in it since they work during a smallest salary job.


I consider it’s a flattering constrained package, even with a peppered nose. My opinion however, isn’t a one that matters. It’s yours we wish now. What do we think, is there during slightest $750 value of life left in this well-used Camry wagon? Or, is that something that should usually be avoided during any price?

You decide!

Providence, Rhode Island Craigslist, or go here if a ad disappears.

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