At $15500, Could You Get a Charge Out of This 2014 BMW i3 REX?

Photo: Craigslist

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used vehicle a good deal? You decide!  

The strange MSRP on today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe BMW i3 was over fifty-five thousand dollars. Like all singular operation electric cars, a i3’s debasement is extreme. Let’s see if this one’s stream cost competence make that downward turn a fun float during least.

When we are tighten to perfection, it’s tough to suppose ways to improve. we know that’s an emanate we face on a daily basis. That’s also an emanate confronted by Mazda’s smart-alecky small roadster, a MX5 Miata. Long deliberate a answer to all that ails you, a doubt of how to urge on a near-perfection is one that has prolonged stymied a world’s biggest thinkers. Having solved all else, it’s rumored even Stephen Hawking was operative on that bewilderment during a time of his death.

The apparent answer to a permanent Miata doubt is of course, to supplement horsepower. And, as we all know, there’s no surrogate for cubic inches. Um, that is, unless it’s cubic centimeters. Last Friday’s 1995 Mazda Miata had it lonesome both ways as underneath a hood resided a Ford V8 that otherwise could go as a 302 or 5.0. That American flesh combined to a Miata’s soundness as also did a clearly medium $7,500 seeking price. So interrelated was that cost that it warranted a slight yet important 58 percent Nice Price win.

So, if we currently contend ‘there’s no surrogate for cubic inches’ when delineating opening improvement, what purposeful bon mot will we use when all a cars are electric? Kilowatts are killer? Ampre Über Alles? we certain as ruin don’t know, we still smell like gasoline.


The highway to an all-electric destiny is clearly paved with a many half-way stairs it is holding to get us there. Electric cars have been around given a pregnancy of a vehicle industry, however a inefficiency of their mode of appetite storage has prolonged relegated them to also-ran status.

Pound per pound, gasoline is a flattering fit means of appetite storage, and it takes 33.70 kWh of electricity to equal a outlay intensity of one gallon of gas. That gallon of gas weighs around 6.3 pounds while a allied outlay electric vehicle battery tips a scale during several times that. It’s a distance and weight of a appetite containment resource that has prolonged hold behind a electric car.


Today we have a series of electric cars on a market, as good as a few that embody an onboard generator as one approach to extend their range. The other approach to do so is by adding (literally) a ton some-more batteries, that is what Tesla has finished with their electric cars, and what GM is doing with a Chevy Bolt. Both of these are mechanisms to overcome a dreaded ‘Range Anxiety’ that has tormented drivers of a infancy of electric cars that have been offering in a final few years or so.

These cars, like a Nissan Leaf, VW eGolf, and Fiat 500e typically concede for a protected operation of between 85 and 150 miles between a charge. Of march unconnected factors like ambient temperature, hills, or a miss of event for regenerative braking can dump that operation significantly. It’s that singular operation that has caused values of this era of electric cars to plummet. Look during prices on a 4 year aged Nissan Leaf and likewise sized, yet gas engine Sentra and you’ll see a estimable disproportion in a commission of a drop.


Another plant of operation stress inspiring gratefulness is today’s 2014 BMW i3 REX. BMW introduced a i3 in 2014 as a tour de force reimagining of both a automotive product and a approach it is constructed.

Utilizing innovative materials—many of that are post-consumer recycled—the i3 looks, feels and works like few others. Offered in pristine electric form with a handicapped 80-mile operation from a underfloor 60 Ah battery container or around 170 miles with a further of a 647-cc two-cylinder gas-powered REX onboard generator, a i3 was also like no BMW that had come before.

That gas engine adds about 260 pounds to a i3’s svelte 2,635 fighting weight. On a 2014 indication it also could usually use 1.9 gallons of a 2.4 gallon gas tank here in a U.S. due to some nonsensical regulations set by California’s Air Resources Board.


This i3, in Laurel Grey Metallic over a biscuit and grey interior seems to have hold adult well, so proof a continuance of BMW’s recycled element interior elements. The ad records that it’s a Giga World edition. That’s a mid-level of a 3 worlds—Mega, Giga and Tera—and that provides niceties like a roof by that we might moon, leather and nap interior trim, and model-unique 19-inch wheels.

A word about a i3’s wheels and tires. At benefaction we consider you’re flattering many singular to Bridgestone Ecopias and those are opposite sizes (155/70R19 front/175/70R19 rear) front to behind so their wear can’t be extended by a customary use of unchanging rotation. Another oddity thing that seems to be common with a i3 is a participation of electrical issues. One of my buddies has leased a 2017 i3 and has kept a record of issues that clearly seem and disappear on a vehicle as yet it was haunted.


The seller of this 56,000 mile book creates no discuss of any automatic or electrical tomfoolery, instead regulating his ad to imply a car’s facilities and kit. He says that it suffers from parking lot scuffs and scratches and adds that a windows have been professionally tinted, a saving beauty for a overburdened A/C. The vehicle comes with a purify pretension and a 110V charging wire in box we ever wanted to spend a week removing a batteries adult to snuff.

The seeking cost is $15,500 that represents about a $40K dump from a strange MSRP. That’s flattering strange after usually 5 years. Worse, that’s many expected going to keep on dropping. As some-more and some-more long-range electrics strike a market, even innovative machines like these will eventually be kicked to a curb.


The doubt for currently is: could $15,500 be a honeyed mark to get on that conveyor down? Is this i3 engaging adequate to spend that kind of money to knowledge it? Or, does this REX versed electric still give we cost anxiety?

You decide!


Merced, CA Craigslist, or go here if a ad disappears.

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