At $11400, Might This 2008 Audi S5 Prove A Coupe D’État You Could Get Behind?

Photo: eBay

The eBay ad for today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe S5 primarily claims it to be supercharged. That’s folly as a 4.2-litre V8 in these cars does a thing though a assist of a blower. We’ll have to see if a price, contrastingly, does blow.

I like to be partial of a team. You know, on a same page, an insider, not a member of a friendzone. When it comes to a NPOCP vote, that’s customarily a case—my opinion customarily aligns with a majority. Occasionally however, it does not.

Yesterday was only such an example. The father/son plan 1983 VW Caddy, with a 16V EA827, and a caddy shack’s value of additional tools was labelled during what we suspicion was a reasonable $4,500. That however, valid irrational to 55-percent of you, and it went down in a Crack Pipe loss. On this vote, we was many really representing a minority opinion.

Oh well, I’m over it. In fact, I’ve changed on to marveling during a fulfilment that Audi’s A5 and is brood have been around for some-more than a decade now. we suspicion it had been five, maybe 6 years tops. But no, it’s been eleven indication years and one and a half generations to date.


To be honest with you, we can’t trust it’s roughly Jul already either. we consider in a box of a Audi, a startling majority is a outcome of a undying styling and a fact that we only don’t see them all that many in today’s SUV and Crossover-crazy world. Good on Audi for adhering with a loyal coupe physique character for so long.

Audi should also be lauded for building today’s 2008 S5 Coupe, that represents a mid-level sporting book of a two-door B8 platform. The automobile looks like a obtuse A5 kin from many angles, though is done immediately tangible adult front by a some-more assertive facia and red-accented badging.


Behind that face lies a 354 horsepower book of Audi’s 4.2-litre four-cam V8. The all-alloy indent sits forward of a six-speed manual, though only barely. Audi adopted some vital architectural changes with a B8 height and one of those was attaching a purchase to a second flywheel that sits behind a front spindle cross-shaft. This allows a engine to lay over back, giving a height a shorter nose and improving altogether change both visible and actual.

Audi’s Quattro AWD is proprietor here and that sends energy to a set of, well, flattering outlandishly finished wheels. we consider those are a take it or leave it element, though one that could be simply left if so desired. Other than that, a dark paint seems giveaway of flaws, and a bodywork underneath it appears to be in excellent fettle.


The good times keep rolling inside as well. There, a leather on a heavily bolstered and S5 festooned competition seats seems to have hold adult amazingly well. There’s some pointer of use on a outward lip, though it’s zero to get your panties in a tangle over. The lurch is unmarred by aftermarket flights of fancy, and remains, stylistically during least, one of a best in a business. Audi’s knob-based infotainment complement stays not a best.

The automobile comes installed with all a approaching options. It also comes with 124,000 miles on a time and a purify pretension in a glovebox.


It should be remarkable that this isn’t this Audi’s initial rodeo. A discerning VIN hunt indicates that it’s left by a number of owners over a final few years, along with an ever falling seeking price. The stream seller says that it’s been ‘very good confirmed and garage kept.’ He’s seeking $11,400 for it and it’s now time for we to confirm if it’s value that kind of blemish as presented in a ad.

What contend you, does $11,400 seem a wise cost for this able coupe? Or, does that feel like a total coup de grâce?


You decide!

eBay out of Anaheim, CA, or go here if a ad disappears.

H/T to FauxShizzle for a hookup!

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