Aston Martin DB11 Volante pricing revealed

Aston Martin has strictly launched a DB11 Volante in Australia forward of a 2018 F1 Australian Grand Prix.

Available from $398,495 locally, before on-roads, a Volante joins a DB11 integrate (which arrived progressing labelled during $368K with V8) and the new Vantage as partial of Aston’s devise to move copiousness of juicy new steel to us.

A 375kW/675Nm twin-turbo V8, borrowed from AMG, is nestled in a snout, definition it’ll still get we by if you’re in a hurry.

Crank it up: DB11 empty sound revealed

But Aston Martin clamp boss and arch artistic officer Reichman says a DB11 is meant to paint a some-more select side of Aston.

“DB11 Volante is pristine magnificence and style,” Reichman says.

Its pretentious beauty is complimented by a inherited sporting ability and feeling engagement, to broach a new dimension of open-top pushing pleasure.”

He combined that a Volante was designed alongside the Coupe to equivocate formulating a roofless coupe-clone.


“If we don’t pattern a convertible, a Volante, during a same time as a coupe, we finish adult with a Volante that is compromised. That’s since these dual cars were designed together.

Review: Aston Martin DB11 coupe

“You can see a common parts, though you’ll also notice how low a back of a automobile is, since we wish to say that superb feeling.

“If we suppose this automobile with a standard smoke-stack height… that’s not really superb during all.”

“So it’s still Savile Row [like a DB11 coupe], though now you’ve taken Savile Row to a Côte d’Azur.”

The Volante is accessible to sequence from $398,495 before on-road costs, with internal deliveries approaching to embark from May 2018.

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