Aston Martin DB11: Specs, prices and recover date

Aston Martin’s DB11 is entrance out this year after a full exhibit during a Geneva Motor Show in March. The new automobile will reinstate a 13 year aged DB9 when it arrives after on in a calendar.

The company has opted to skip a DB10 namesake – it will stay exclusively with James Bond’s latest float – given that a DB9 has been around for so long, Aston themselves acknowledge that they’ve skipped a generation. The pivotal Aston grand tourer elements will sojourn – a 2+2 blueprint with a V12 engine, nonetheless underneath a bonnet, there are some vast alterations to a formula.

Overall, a car represents utterly an critical miracle for Aston, too, as this is a initial all-new automobile a association will launch as partial of a “second century” devise to renovate a whole fleet.

Here’s what to know forward of a launch.


Aston Martin will totally renovate a product portfolio following on from a DB11. 

As good as a totally new aluminium connected platform, a DB11 ushers in a rested pattern denunciation compared to many of Aston’s releases given 2003. The association claims that not a singular partial of a DB9 has been carried over to a new car.

The front grille is bigger and wider and new LED headlamps lay above and possibly side of it. They’re a new shape, holding on a demon horn-like profile, and feed into a some-more imperishable bonnet, with rarely conspicuous creases feeding to a windshield.

But a carp arrangement doesn’t usually demeanour opposite – a clamshell is hinged during a front and rises as one vast square to exhibit a engine, a opposite and some-more eye-catching approach than on a DB9 permitting for easier access.

At a back, a automobile gets a far-reaching profile, with squared-off shoulders over a spindle heading into a new behind end, a LED taillights separate by a mouth spoiler poking out of a foot panel.

Two vast C-pillar buttresses arch down from a roof and into a rear, a pattern trait seen on a DBX crossover judgment suggested in Geneva final year. There’s some crafty aero work in this area, too.

Aston has propitious what it calls “AeroBlade” intakes possibly side of a aluminium strakes, channelling atmosphere by a C-pillars into dark ducts and behind out around an collection of slots during a rear. There’s a identical arrangement during a front to mislay violent atmosphere from a wheel-arch and send it down a sides of a car.

However, notwithstanding a aluminium platform, a new automobile isn’t many lighter than a effusive DB9. With a 3990lbs dry weight, a DB11 is usually 33lbs lighter than a predecessor.

Personalisation is set to be a using thesis for customers, too, with a DB11 being touted as one of a many customisable Aston Martins to make production. There’s set to be a vast scale of choices for both inside and out.

The roof row and a new aluminium strakes come in a series of colours and business can also name between dual opposite trims for sum such as a grille, vents, wipers and front splitter. There are also 3 opposite colours for a 20ins amalgamate wheels, as good as colour customisable stop calipers. On tip of all that, there are 35 opposite colour options – copiousness for impending buyers to coddle over.


Aston has introduced a series of pivotal changes with a DB11’s cessation setup. At a front, it gets entirely eccentric double wishbones, as good as curl springs and three-stage adaptive dampers. Over a behind axle, it’s a multi-link setup, also propitious with adaptive dampers.

The damping can be altered around a symbol on a wheel, a motorist means to name by GT, Sport, and Sport+, so a DB11 should be a automobile with a extended character.

Engine and transmission

True to form, Aston has given a DB11 a V12 engine, despite a turbocharged one.

It’s a 5.2-litre section with dual turbochargers, braggadocio 600bhp and 516lb-ft torque. Peak energy is constructed during 6500rpm, while rise torque is usefully on offer from 1500-5000rpm.

Turbocharging and shortening a ability from 6.0-litres should make some-more a automobile some-more fuel fit and there’s even cylinder deactivation and start-stop record for improved emissions scores. Speed is still a primary agenda, however: Aston claims a DB11 will do 0-62mph in 3.9secs and onto a tip speed of 200mph.

Mated to a engine is an eight-speed ZF involuntary gearbox powering a behind wheels. There are 3 opposite pushing modes – Gt, Sport, and Sport + – all altering a Aston’s impression during a crack of a switch. There’s no word on a primer gearbox yet, though.

It’s suspicion that we can pattern to see opposite engine options emerge in a future, many expected a downsized V8 choice overdue to Daimler owning a 5 per cent interest in Aston.



As good as a rested extraneous and turbocharged engine, Aston has treated a inside of a DB11 to an overhaul, too. “The interior’s extremely some-more complicated than any seen in an Aston for a prolonged time,” Car repository says.

Thanks to Mercedes Benz’s primogenitor association Daimler now holding a 5 per cent interest in Aston, a British association has plucked a lot of a switchgear and fixtures from a German marque’s S-Class flagship saloon, nonetheless given a singular Aston touch.

One of a biggest new introductions is a 12ins arrangement sitting behind a driver’s wheel, replacing a primer binnacles used on each other road-going Aston. This should work in a identical demeanour to Audi’s renouned practical cockpit option. A secondary, mainly mounted eight-inch row sits on tip of a centre console and is tranquil by a same rotary switchgear found on Mercedes cars.

There’s a code new interior design, too, relocating a diversion on from a DB9. The centre console is made like a vast teardrop, feeding down from a new dashboard with bony creases on possibly flank, and there’s a new steering wheel. Swathes of high peculiarity leather cover roughly each surface.

There’s also a decent volume of customisation, many like a vast series of colour schemes accessible for a DB11. Interiors can be one plain colour or have a two-tone thesis and there are 3 opposite leathers and tones to name from. Added to this are 6 trim materials, as good as 6 seatbelt colours.

It’s a four-seater, though a 2+2 during most. As CarWow points out, space adult front should be good, though a behind will be compromised and usually good for brief journeys and children.

Prices and release

Aston Martin has non-stop sequence books for a automobile right away, so impending buyers can place an sequence right now, with prices starting during £154,900 – around £15,000 some-more than a effusive DB9. According to CarBuyer, buyers can pattern to take smoothness of their DB11s in a fourth entertain of this year.

First impressions

First drives of antecedent DB11s have been published and initial impressions are good.

The engine comes in for sold regard and a switch to turbocharging doesn’t seem to have left an open wound in a car’s character. According to Evo, “the V12 howls that pure, formidable tinge and stifle response is excellent”. At a limit, it misses a small of a “hard-edged energy” of a 6.0-litre V12 from a DB9 though overall, a DB11 “massively outpunches” a comparison unit.

Autocar is equally tender with a switch to a 5.2-litre, observant it finally “demonstrates how to benefit some-more than we remove by a adoption of turbochargers”. It appears Aston’s change has been a well-spoken one: “You’d need to be a powertrain operative even to tell it’s turbocharged, let alone feel inconvenienced by a fact”.

Likewise, Auto Express found a pre-production DB11 to be special. “Any fears about turbocharging are obliterated from a impulse that we start adult a engine. The intensity for loyal mass is so big, it can’t assistance though make we smile.”

How a DB11 indeed drives perceived high regard too. The prolongation jackass driven was roughly 98 per cent finished according to a magazine, and it steers “beautifully”, with loads of feedback streaming by a wheel. 

“On this evidence, a signs of mass are there,” says a magazine.

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