Aston Martin DB11 Gets a Roaring V-8 Transplant From Mercedes-AMG

The day’s lane had everything. We encountered stoplights and trade right from a start so we couldn’t take it too quick (though we didn’t demur to put my feet on a gas when a light incited green.) After breakfast, we gathering adult a seashore on I-5. The lane continued on Highway 76 towards a subsequent stop: Palomar Mountain. My newcomer and we solemnly climbed, spin after turn, adult to aloft elevations where a atmosphere smelled like fume and we could see for miles. we got sleepy of all a twists and was fervent to take a break, though a V-8 never had a problem doing them, even during somewhat aloft speeds.

We didn’t find many undeviating paths until after flitting Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. With a prolonged dull highway highway and no signs of cars or people, we put a GT in Sport+ mode and let a twin-turbo rip. Aston says a new GT can strech 62 in usually 4 seconds, and while we flew down a highway, we didn’t wish to take my eyes off a highway to see how quick we were going. My heart dropped, and it seemed roughly like we was on a lane or holding off in a plane. And afterwards we incited around and ran it a few some-more times.


Before we got into a V-8 for a day, Laura Schwab, boss of Aston Martin of a Americas, pronounced it took “250 hours to palm build this thing,” and we can tell. From a dual vents that are now on a hood to a headlight bezels peeking out from a hand-painted support (we gathering a DB11 in Morning Frost White), a V-8 looks imaginary from each angle. Even a doorway handles, that we have to press to open, combined to a streamlined style.

aston martin v8


The approach we have to control a nav and arrangement menu threw me off during times. we wanted to hold a shade and forgot we had to entrance a info from a tiny iPhone-sized row and a doorknob subsequent a console instead. Sometimes we used my phone to lift adult an residence since we didn’t wish to use a system.


When was a final time we remembered a stitching on a car’s seats? If we get in a DB11 V-8, it works ideally subsequent to a soft-and-smooth leather and Alcantara interior. You can appreciate one seamstress for that pleasing craftsmanship, who does it all by palm within about 25 to 50 hours, according to a brand. Aston Martin also enclosed a stitching around a core console and doors, and we can even find it in a behind of a V-8 and on a dual behind seats.

aston martin v8


“I quoted my mom final night, that she pronounced ‘It’s damn sexy,’” Schwab pronounced with a laugh. “The automobile is overwhelming and apparently impossibly pleasing and…“ One of a DB11s started and interrupted a interview. “The best news is we usually got that recorded.” The GT lets out a good low rumble from a impulse we press start, and we kept rolling my window down usually to hear it via a day.


There’s a line of buttons on a console to park, reverse, and drive. It saves some space in a car, and it’s not a deal-breaker, though we kept reaching for a hoop when we indispensable to pierce fast. we also wanted a armrest to slip behind on a possess but carrying to use a symbol when we was charging my phone.

aston martin v8


Driving a DB11 V-8 around California was one of a best days I’ve had on a road. Aston cut 253 pounds for this DB11 with a further of a V-8, and it felt gentle to lay in and expostulate for hours on a 90-plus grade day. Switching between GT, Sport, and Sport+ mode and regulating a paddle shifters, it simply blending to a unexpected, hilly turns that came on quick as good as well-spoken straightaways. (There was usually one time, on a approach to Palomar Mountain, where we could feel that a cement was disproportionate and had to unexpected delayed approach down. But a automobile still felt fast interjection to a DB11’s cessation and a not-too-touchy brakes.) The brand’s done some adjustments with a V-8, and while it doesn’t have a V-12, you’ll still wish to expostulate this DB11.


Performance: A

Comfort: A-

Cargo Capacity: C+

Lust Factor: A+ (People will take your print on a interstate, generally that one dude in a Maserati, and that man during a beach.)

Overall: A

Just try not to get a ticket.


Price: $198,995 (V-8); $216,495 (V-12)

Powertrain: 503 horsepower; 498 lb-ft of torque; 0-62 MPH in 4 seconds

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