Aston Martin DB11 AMR vs Bentley Continental GT

The big, British grand tourer is a thing of beauty. The story books are dirty with excellent examples of GT cars from iconic brands such as Aston Martin and Bentley.

They mix performance, oppulance and style, nonetheless now we’ve got dual new examples from these marques that explain to fill that blank usually as good as their forebears. Both newcomers underline 12-cylinder engines, have a 2+2 seating blueprint and mix overwhelming coupé styling with a large volume of opening and furloughed potential. 

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Both are also pricey, nonetheless afterwards we design that from cars temperament these badges. The doubt is, that is a improved GT car? Read on to find out a verdict.


Aston Martin DB11 AMR

For: Wonderfully characterful engine, involving framework and steering, startling turn of comfort.
Against: Quality not in a same category as a Bentley, pricier, automobile box is spasmodic slow.

We’ll start with a fact tweaks to a DB11 AMR. There are stiffer underbrush for a behind cessation sub-frame (learning lessons from a DB11 V8), a cessation dampers are 10 per cent firmer than on a prior V12 DB11 and there’s a thicker front anti-roll bar. The springs remain.

The engine is a same 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 from a pre-AMR DB11, usually here it gets a boost to 630bhp. And while torque is unchanged, during 700Nm, this was adequate for a automobile to cover 0-60mph on exam in 4.0 seconds. Okay, this was 0.5 seconds down on a Bentley, nonetheless a Aston doesn’t have a full launch control complement like a GT’s and it’s usually rear-wheel drive, so this is still a crafty result.

What grabs your courtesy some-more is a engine’s reach. That torque is on daub from usually 1,500rpm, so it surges tough low down, nonetheless builds energy and sound to a crescendo from a newer, some-more outspoken empty when revving hard. You usually feel like it’s turbocharged towards a tip of a rev range, where a engine’s respirating is a bit tighter, nonetheless a V12 yell it releases is multi-layered, abounding and addictive, and definitely some-more characterful than a flat-sounding Bentley.

That’s what a DB11 AMR is about: how it creates we feel. The opening here is about some-more than usually a numbers; it’s about emotion, and a V12 Aston drowns we in it.

An component of that comes from a chassis, too. The steering is really sweet; it’s a ideal weight, and a turn of close and a response to your inputs is judged usually right. 

Where a Bentley feels complicated and lazy, a Aston feels fluid, comparatively communicative and adjustable. That final facet stems from a rear-drive blueprint as well. While traction isn’t as good as a Continental’s, it’s still comparatively strong, nonetheless a approach a AMR lets we indulge in a pleasant framework change is brilliant; even during lucid speeds on normal roads.

It’s not usually sportier and some-more interesting than a Bentley, it’s roughly as comfortable, too. In a suspension’s GT mode there’s a genuine upsurge to how a AMR absorbs bumps. It’s not as soothing as a Continental, nonetheless a damping over bad surfaces feels usually as plush. Both cars float on large alloys, nonetheless we feel this some-more in a Bentley.

The Aston’s 20-inch wheels are standard, as is sat-nav, meridian control, keyless operation and other pack you’d design during this price, nonetheless it’s not as easily integrated or assembled as a Bentley.

Testers’ notes

  • Infotainment: Screen is sourced from Mercedes and is an comparison complement than a Conti’s. It works good enough, nonetheless doesn’t have as many facilities as a Bentley’s unit.
  • Steering: Aston boasts a honeyed steering set-up that is ideally weighted and offers copiousness of information.
  • Interior: There’s lots of leather in AMR’s interior, nonetheless it can’t compare a finish inside a Bentley.

Bentley Continental GT

For: Beautiful interior, crafty refinement, glorious opening in a true line.
Against: Engine lacks character, Conti is complicated and not really involving to drive.

Peel behind this third-generation Continental GT’s tauter, sleeker physique and underneath a MSB height it sits on is indeed common with a Porsche Panamera. However, it’s been significantly reworked by Bentley.

The automobile is improved to expostulate than ever, nonetheless it still can’t compare a Aston in this respect, partly since of a engine. The latest 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 section creates 626bhp, nonetheless some-more torque than a Aston, during 900Nm. With correct launch control, a PDK dual-clutch box and four-wheel drive, a Conti sprinted from 0-60mph faster here, holding usually 3.5 seconds. Once rolling, though, a DB11 closes a gap.

While a DB11 took 3.1 and 5.6 seconds to accelerate between 50 and 70mph in fifth and seventh gears respectively, a Bentley posted times of 3.1 and 5.7 seconds. Once a Aston’s miss of traction off a line is no longer an issue, there’s a broadly equal turn of performance. The DB11 isn’t accurately a featherweight, during 1,870kg, nonetheless a 2,252kg Bentley is significantly some-more portly, and that has an outcome on handling.

The new MSB height does a good pursuit of assisting a Continental GT to float well. Yet a automobile feels heavy, and doesn’t change instruction as definitely as a Aston, even if we can clarity a crafty atmosphere cessation and 48V active anti-roll tech operative to keep it prosaic by bends. Nor does a Bentley expostulate as nicely, with a lighter, reduction pure feeling relayed to a driver. Grip is good, nonetheless eventually not as abundant as a AMR’s, even if it has most improved traction from standstill.

Our exam automobile rode on 21-inch wheels, and we could tell. In a Comfort and Bentley pushing modes (the latter specifically comparison by engineers as a optimum), a automobile floats serenely over rolling surfaces during aloft speeds, nonetheless strike a pothole or strike and those large wheels and a complicated physique meant a greeting isn’t utterly as loose as it is in a Aston.

There are positives and negatives to both cars’ set-ups, nonetheless this harsher corner to a damping is differently during contingency with a Continental’s peaceful atmosphere, combined by an superb cabin. The peculiarity and construction are on another turn compared with a Aston, as is a tech we get.

Standard pack includes pattern LED headlights, a 12.3-inch shade and a digital dash, a Bang Olufsen stereo (it’s discretionary on a Aston; a Bentley had a £6,500 Naim Audio upgraded system), parking sensors, a reversing camera, journey control and all else a DB11 has.

Testers’ notes

  • Infotainment: GT’s 12.3-inch touchscreen is a re-skinned Porsche section that works well. Satellite-navigation and Apple CarPlay are also included.
  • Steering: Bentley’s steering is lighter than a DB11’s, and offers reduction feedback than a rival.
  • Interior: Conti’s cabin has a most higher-quality feel than a cockpit of a AMR.


First place: Aston Martin DB11 AMR

The AMR upgrades make a DB11 what it should have been originally. It’s sharper, some-more enchanting and looks tauter, nonetheless it hasn’t mislaid any of a qualities that make it a good GT. It’s polished and roughly as gentle as a Bentley, nonetheless a impression is richer and some-more rewarding. 

Second place: Bentley Continental GT

Quality, reduction and excellence are a GT’s crafty points. It’s improved to expostulate than ever, nonetheless still doesn’t opposition a Aston for enjoyment, while they’re closer on comfort than you’d think. If we like tech, you’ll adore a Continental’s cabin and infotainment. It’s still an artistic GT car. 

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