Aston Martin DB11 AMR: The V12 Is Now Paired To A More …

When Aston Martin launched a V8 chronicle of a DB11, many reviewers were astounded to news that the reduction absolute chronicle of a British GT was some-more fun to drive than a V12 flagship. With a new DB11 AMR, however, a change is about to be easy in a range.

The twin-turbo 5.2-liter V12 now produces 630hp (639PS) and 516lb-ft (700Nm) of torque, a 30hp gain over a DB11 V12 and 127hp some-more than a V8.

The some-more absolute V12 is interconnected to a recalibrated eight-speed involuntary transmission. 0-62mph (100km/h) comes in 3.7 seconds, while tip speed is 208mph (334km/h).

The biggest changes, however, are found in a framework department; Aston Martin says that a new DB11 AMR offers crook responses and a most tighter physique control over a prior V12 indication but sacrificing a movable ride.

In sequence to make this happen, a DB11 AMR got stiffer cessation bushings, revalved dampers and somewhat thicker anti-roll bars, while a open rates sojourn unchanged. The wheels are now forged, saving 7.7lbs (3.6kg) per corner.

Visual changes over a DB11 V12 are singular to things like darker headlights and a some-more endless use of CO fiber trim on a bodywork. Aston Martin will also offer 100 Signature Editions that are famous by a lime-colored physique stripe.

Is a new Aston Martin DB11 AMR as good as it sounds? Let’s see what Carfection has to contend on their video examination related below.

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