As batch marketplace surges, so does business in a high-end automobile marketplace – The San Diego Union

It’s been pronounced that a rising mercantile waves rises all boats.

And with a Dow Jones Industrial Average coming a 25,000 level, that proverb might request to elements catering to a top finish of a automobile industry. And in some cases, a stratospheric end.

“I’ve been offered a ton of cars, substantially about a 25 percent boost in sales” in 2017, pronounced Dane Silvestri, who owns a tiny business on Balboa Avenue called a Motor Car Company that buys and sells selected and outlandish vehicles and manages private automobile collections.

Silvestri showed off his latest plan during a “Exotics Vault” during a San Diego International Auto Show — a easy 1950 Jaguar on sale for $150,000. He anticipates a stronger economy in 2018 will meant softened business.

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