Apollo Arrow: Post-Gumpert hypercar launches during Geneva Motor …

Apollo used to be a name of a automobile done by Gumpert. But now it’s a new name for Gumpert itself (under new ownership, etc) and for a automobile to be called a Apollo Apollo would only be silly.

So here’s a Apollo Arrow. It’s only a prototype, and prolongation is some approach from being a certainty, yet it’s only been shown during Geneva and a eye-catching looks (which were styled in Britain) come with an equally eye-catching set of numbers.

Numbers like 224. That’s how many miles we can cover in an hour aboard one of these, given a honestly doubtful multiple of resources and opportunity.


More relevant, and no reduction impressive, is a projected 0-62 time of 2.9 seconds. That’s seen to by a mid-mounted 4.0-litre Audi V8, that Apollo intends to offer with a accumulation of energy outputs – including, during a tip of a tree, 986bhp and 737lb ft.

Even with a large engine on board, though, a Arrow is likely to import reduction than 1.3 tonnes. Its spaceframe framework and CO twine physique assistance keep this series as low as possible; they’re carried over from a aged Gumpert car, yet a Arrow aims to be a lot some-more user-friendly than what was a really formidable original.


It’ll even be large adequate for high people to lay in, that has got to be a good thing. And with 10cm reduce sills, they’ll be means to get in and out too.

As if to endorse that a Arrow is a real, road-going proposal, it’s being engineered for air-con and even sat-nav. The antecedent seen during Geneva was built in Germany, and a company’s owner Roland Gumpert is still partial of a action.


As for a kind of movement we all wish to know about, that’s still some approach in a future. When it’ll go on sale, and for how much, are answers we’ll get in due course. For now, a categorical doubt is either it’ll occur during all.

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