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At 4,335mm long, Niro HUV crossover is sized between cee’d (4,310) and Sportage (4,480)

For a initial try during a bespoke hybrid car, Kia came adult with a crossover. Even if sales are nowhere nearby a turn of a Prius, a Niro does seem to have found itself an ever expanding pool of penetrating buyers. 

In contrariety to each era of a famous petrol-electric Toyota, with a Niro, there is no uncanny styling inside or out. Instead, it’s usually a good looking automobile that delivers on a guarantee of good economy and low emissions.

There contingency certainly have been a transparent plan when HMG’s pattern teams were given their instructions for what became a Ioniq and Niro: don’t make them demeanour bizarre and therefore risk alienating intensity buyers.

The Prius is hugely successful, despite a lot reduction so in a stream era so again, maybe HMG is on to something: make hybrid models reduction Marmite and some-more Marks Spencer.

Where a Ioniq is typically Hyundai in a curves, a Niro instead looks utterly sporty too, generally on 18-inch wheels that a exam automobile was propitious with. There are no crazy-angular lines and inside it’s a successful crush adult of existent Kias and some clever Volt influences. That means silken white cosmetic on a doors, steering circle and around a involuntary delivery selector, nonetheless a instrument container is sincerely required and could be from an Optima or a Sportage. The white trim, incidentally, is for a operation commanding First Edition version.

Joy of joys, there are no electronic bongs assailing we as we enter this automobile – greatfully take note Hyundai and repair that in a new i30 – so it’s all silence, that is what anyone shopping a hybrid certainly seeks. we know that my doorway is open and we haven’t nonetheless put my chair belt on. Thank you. And be quiet. Certain OEMs unequivocally should learn that loud, insistent, electronic whinging is not usually nonessential nonetheless a bad initial sense for a exam drive. So full outlines to a wordless Kia.

The instruments are vast though being over-styled, all controls are logically positioned, with a feet operated parking stop a usually somewhat surprising feature. You shortly get used to that. 

Elsewhere inside it’s also standard Kia, and somehow lots of hard-surfaced grey cosmetic looks good. Headroom is generally generous, and in a back too, plus, during 421 litres (VDA), a foot is a decent distance and that figure includes an underfloor tray. Fold a seats and this rises to 1,425 litres. 

Sales performance

Kia Motors UK has had a good 2017 so far. May sales dipped by 3 per cent, that was in outcome a arise given a incomparable commission tumble in a altogether market. Note also in a SMMT’s information how Kia, that pulled forward of Hyundai UK progressing in a year, stays so. Even if Hyundai had a improved May.

Worldwide, it was a tough month for Kia, due especially to problems with Korean brands in China. Hyundai Motor’s tellurian sales forsaken 14.2 per cent to 367,969 units final month. Things weren’t utterly so bad for Kia, a tellurian sum down by 9.8 per cent to 219,128, association information show.
What of a Niro privately though? Kia has sole 87,992 of a indication during a year to a finish of May. The USA stays a array one market, sales for a 5 months to a finish of May totalling 10,488 cars. Even nonetheless hybrids are offered during vexed levels in what is still a world’s largest marketplace for such vehicles, a Niro is even outpacing a Rio and throwing a Sedona in Kia Motors America’s line-up. 


This additional indication for Kia is sole especially in North America, Europe and South Korea. It was launched with a 1.6-litre petrol-electric powertrain, with a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) chronicle premiering during a 2017 Geneva engine show. Both are front-wheel expostulate only.

The Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV) is powered by a 103hp four-cylinder instruction injection engine from HMG’s Kappa series. It was engineered privately for hybrid applications and facilities a Atkinson Cycle, cooled empty gas recirculation (EGR), and a long-stroke-narrow-bore selection to maximize efficiency. 

An empty feverishness liberation complement speeds engine warm-up by routing coolant to a feverishness exchanger in a exhaust. A 43hp tractive motor, famous as a transmission-mounted electric device (TMED), works in tandem with a engine to furnish a sum 146hp and 195 lb.-ft. of torque. Something common for a hybrid is a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox rather than a CVT. And as for a 1.56-kWh lithium ion Polymer battery, this is located underneath a back seat.

The Niro had a open entrance during a Chicago automobile uncover in Feb 2016. Production commenced 3 months after with sales in a Korean marketplace commencement shortly after.

The HUV is a together hybrid, definition that a engine and engine work in tandem many of a time. You can also use EV indication for brief distances such as when environment off, forward hills and/or braking.

You couldn’t call acceleration sprightly – a 0-60mph time is 11.0 seconds. You know a manufacturer doesn’t wish to prominence a flattering typical time when it quotes 60 rather than 62mph as Kia UK does. So let’s call it adequate to good and underline that nobody who wants a sports automobile is going to be looking during a Niro. we saw 47mpg altogether and wasn’t perplexing to expostulate economically either.

Top speed is usually 101mph and a CO2 array is a glorious 88g/km for a ‘1’ and ‘2’ indication grades nonetheless 101g/km for a improved versed and therefore heavier ‘3’ and First Edition cars. 

Niro prices operation from GBP21,295 to GBP26,995. Including a PHEV to come, Kia UK sees altogether annual sales in a low thousands, which, given pricing, altogether ability and a business users’ pierce divided from diesel, competence nonetheless infer to be a small too conservative.


All Niros are made in South Korea, alongside European marketplace versions of a Optima during Kia’s Hwasung plant in Asan Bay. This is KMC’s largest factory, carrying an annual ability of 600,000 vehicles per annum.

What’s next?

As for a Hyundai Ioniq brother, a Niro will be assimilated by an EV derivative. This will approaching have a same battery container as an updated Hyundai Ioniq EV. The existent EV has a limit operation of usually 180km. A chronicle that can transport adult to 300km is underneath growth and will be expelled in 2018, Hyundai announced in Nov 2016. 

There will also be a PHEV Niro homogeneous to a plug-in hybrid Ioniq. The Hyundai will be on sale in a USA, approaching to be a biggest market, from September. The Kia should follow shortly after. But there won’t ever be a explosion engine-only Niro, Kia insists, a car’s height being privately engineered for electrified vehicles. 

Should HMG confirm to move unconstrained cars to marketplace within a subsequent few years, a Ioniq and Niro will approaching be among such models. While an initial Kia is nonetheless to be announced, an Ioniq AD judgment was suggested during a LA automobile uncover in Nov 2016. This antecedent was noted for carrying a LiDAR mounted in a front fender rather than as lumps, bulges or equally unsightly oversized rails on a roof.

Kia is approaching to build a initial era Niro for a sum of 7 years, with a mid-cycle modernise in 2019. The deputy indication is approaching to arrive in 2022.

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