Amsterdam Has Some Pretty Incredible Cars Among All Those Bikes

I was usually in Amsterdam for a very, unequivocally brief outing to see a new Lynk Co 02, and while we was there we managed to fist in a bit of on-the-streets automobile hunting. And, sure, it’s tough to see a cars by a piles and piles of bikes everywhere, pedaled around by healthy Dutchfolk, yet they’re there, and, even better, they’re flattering good. Let’s have a look!

Oh, yet first, we wish some assistance with a antithesis we beheld during a airport. Look during this pattern here:

See that? It’s a free-standing doorway support in a center of a hallway, with a span of doors on it. You can travel around both sides of it with ease. It’s usually like a slight trade island, kind of.

On one of a doors is a pointer that reads EMERGENCY EXIT KEEP CLEAR. This all brings adult one critical question: what a fuck is going on here?

What is that an puncture exit to? The other side of a hallway? Why is this doorway there during all? it appears to do literally nothing. Opening a doorway would give we entrance to a same area of space that we could get by walking dual feet around a doorframe.


What a ruin is this? Do a Dutch have quantum wormhole technology? Is this a stargate? I’m so confused. Please, if there’s anyone from a Netherlands reading, explain what a ruin I’m looking during here.

Okay. Let’s get to a cars.


First, right in a airfield parking lot we saw something a bit unusual: a new Aston Martin DB11. It’s not accurately my thing: new, beautiful, powerful, and quick as against to my elite old, homely, anemic, and slow, yet it’s still a flattering cold automobile to spot.

This is some-more like it—a Renault 5! we always desired a clean, geometric pattern of a after Renault 5s, and this one was in utterly good shape, buzzing along a highway with ease.


We usually got these in a U.S. as a LeCar, briefly, yet we consider a pattern unequivocally came into a possess with these updated versions, that have a clean, fit feel that’s tough to beat.

Those bumpers could use some Armor All’ing, though.


We don’t get SsangYongs in America, mostly since many Americans would have a intelligent hemorrhage perplexing to spell a name. This one looks to be a first-gen Rexton, that was formed on a Mercedes-Benz M-Class.

Many SsangYongs are deeply, strenuously ugly, yet we consider this one is indeed a flattering large car, for what it is.


I was a bit surprised—and pleased—to see how common these quadracycle almost-car things were in Amsterdam. This one is an Estrima Biro, an all-electric, fully-enclosed microcar that can get adult to about 34 MPH.

It looks flattering rudimentary, yet it doesn’t seem that flimsy, really, and we saw these things all over a place. we consider a large advantage of them is that we clearly can park them usually about anywhere—sidewalks, between cars, alleyways, and substantially on stairs or in parks, we bet.

Incredibly, these are not cheap—about €12,000, that comes to about $14,000 in U.S. dollars. we theory parking anywhere might be value it?


Amsterdam has some streetside electric automobile charging stations, something that’s flattering desperately indispensable in America if anyone who lives in a vital city and parks on a travel wants to expostulate an EV. EVs could make a lot of clarity in a large city if some-more of these indeed existed. It’s good to see it’s possible, during least.


Amsterdam unequivocally is dominated by bicycles, and it’s engaging to see how they rise and rise in this sourroundings where they can multiply and adjust to their surroundings. That’s how we finish adult with things like this, a wheelbarrow-bike hybrid that fills a purpose of a tiny truck.

Well, unequivocally tiny truck.


This is another engaging quadracycle/invalid car, a Canta GLX. This one is local to a Netherlands, and they’re all over a city, also parked flattering many wherever a ruin they want.

The pattern is arrange of a laughable tiny wedge, and these do have a certain dorky attract about them. In fact, a whole ballet was created to use them, that we consider deserves a possess story that I’ll write adult soon, we promise.

There are versions that concede a wheelchair to be rolled right into them, that is flattering great, and they use a tiny (around 200cc, we think) gasoline engine. we unequivocally wish to try one out.


As we mentioned, bikes are a widespread vehicular class here, and there’s some considerable specimens. This one was so simple and chunky-looking, yet still arrange of purify and sleek. It looked expensive, and we gamble it was. And it wasn’t even locked!


Hey, look, a tiny Mazda automobile I’m not informed with! It’s a Mazda Demio. This one is a first-gen one, and was also famous as a Mazda 121, and rebadged as a Ford Festiva Mini Wagon—we never got these in a U.S.

It’s got appealing, accessible proportions, tiny yet with a high greenhouse. It looks like a unequivocally useable tiny city car.


Oh boy, we was so vehement to find this guy. It’s a Citroën Dyane, that was arrange of a upmarket, somewhat modernized 2CV. It was never as renouned as a 2CV, yet it was some-more practical, with a genuine hatchback, a somewhat some-more estimable body, and, we think, a flattering cold look.

This one seemed to be someone’s daily driver, that we positively adore to see. It even had a yellow headlight bulbs like French cars had until a 1980s or so, that is a fact I’m positively a fool for. we adore this thing.

And that incompatible doorway is usually (*chef kiss*)


There’s a lot of canals in Amsterdam, and to pierce about on them, people use these arrange of water-based cars that “drive” on a highway “canals” though “wheels.” we consider they’re called “boats” or something outlandish like that.

This “boat” even had a possess tiny Volkswagen Polo roving on a back. Wait, everybody in a comments says a a Suzuki Alto. Crap, they’re right. Sorry.


I’m not certain who this male is, yet he appears to be a many prepared male in Amsterdam for whenever a shit goes down, whenever and however that will be.

This Land Rover Defender seems to have all we can hang on it from a collection catalog: ladders, snorkels, lights, racks, cladding, all a toys. we adore it.


This is usually another shot of one of those Cantas, parked subsequent to a Fiat 500, so we can see usually how tiny these things are.

Also, how come a U.S.-spec 500 hasn’t gotten those fun toroidal taillights like a Euro ones have?


Oh man, demeanour during this! It’s a British Ford Transit, from a midst ‘70s, we believe. we adore a bulldog-snout demeanour of these, and we trust these were accessible with Essex V4 or V6 engines—the V6 is a same engine as in my Reliant Scimitar, and V4s are always surprising and interesting.

This one is even improved since it’s a camper-conversion Transit, with a fun-looking fiberglass camper physique with an over-cab bed. This thing looks like an comprehensive blast, and we wish whoever owns it indeed takes it out camping. we gamble they do.


Another SsangYong, this time a Korando, a automobile many important for a intrepid use of a Jeep-like seven-slot grille and what are unequivocally expected a longest spin indicators ever built by a palm of man.

This was a genuine treat: a Peugeot 404, in remarkably plain shape. This one looked to be also a daily-use car, not perfect, yet unequivocally plain and well-maintained. It’s a large car, maybe reduction quirky than what we routinely consider of when we suppose French cars, yet still carrying a certain noble charm.


If it looks arrange of Italian, that’s since it’s a large Pininfarina design. Lovely car.

Here’s another Peugeot, a 306 automobile from a early-to-mid ‘90s, I’d guess. It’s also a large tiny car. Man, we hatred that we get no French cars in America.


Again with a French! we feel like we always notice these Citroën Picassos when I’m in Europe. we know many people can’t mount them, yet we unequivocally like a inflated-balloon demeanour about them. They seem to use their interior space unequivocally well, and we think that it’s a pleasing automobile to expostulate and live with.


Here’s a fun approach to finish this tiny car-tour: a 1981 Volkswagen Beetle. This one is indeed a special book Beetle, a Silver Bug edition. The Silver Bug was built to commemorate a Beetle leading a 20 million built mark. Which is a large deal.

These were Mexican-built Beetles and were usually exported to a few markets, a Netherlands included, and came with a smallest engine we could get in a Beetle during a time, a 1200cc/34 horsepower engine.

VW offering a 1600cc/50 hp engine during a time, too, and we have no thought because they motionless to fit a special book one with a minute engine. Nostalgia?


Anyway, they usually finished 2,000 of these in 1981, so it’s arrange of a singular sighting. Also, it looks like this one has finished a rally, so good for it!

If we can omit all a bikes, it seems Amsterdam has a flattering abounding and sundry car-scape. we was impressed!

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