Alpha Logic’s 3400HP 2013 Nissan GT-R

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Alpha Logic 2013 Nissan GT R Taillight

Over a past few years, Alpha Logic has finished a name for itself as a go-to GT-R tuning shop for a speed-hungry gearheads in Dubai and a surrounding area. With a assistance of AMS Performance in West Chicago, Illinois, a tuning outfit has brought severely manly opening to enthusiasts in a Middle East, interjection no tiny partial to a tough work of emporium manager and ace wheelman, Rob Harper.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Rob has been bursting his time between a States and a Middle East as he manages Alpha Logic and helps with projects behind in a US. “I never unequivocally know what time it is,” he says with a chuckle. Originally an autocrosser, Harper cut his teeth building 350Zs and other Japanese opening machines before branch his courtesy to Corvettes and highway march tuning. “Eventually we finished adult during emporium called Top Speed Motorsports, that did a lot of GT-R tuning for highway march stuff,” he explains. “Not prolonged after we got there, we started to transition into drag racing.”

By 2015 Harper had determined himself as a personality GT-R tuning, and word of his imagination had reached distant and wide. “By afterwards we was tuning a lot of cars in a Middle East, so we was roving over here a lot,” he tells us. “And lot of these were AMS-built cars, so that’s how we finished adult on their radar.” Today, Alpha Logic is a largest play of AMS Performance hardware in a world.

Of march code repute doesn’t occur by accident, and speak is cheap. So to infer what Alpha Logic tuning and AMS Performance hardware could do, a shops put together a automobile that would showcase what they’re truly able of.

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Alpha Logic 2013 Nissan GT R Front Bumper

“It’s a 2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition that started out as a travel car,” Harper says. “The owner, Mohammed Al-Baker has had a automobile for a while, and AMS had already built a automobile to about 2000 horsepower by a time we got involved. It went 8.0 behind then.” Although that GT-R was already a really quick machine, Harper had bigger skeleton for it. “We altered a setup,” he says. “We went to a front-mounted turbo pack and an engine from T1 Race Development.”

Like AMS Performance and Alpha Logic, T1 has focused especially on GT-R projects for a past few years. “Engine, transmission, fuel system, turbo setupswe do all of it,” says T1’s Tony Palo. “And everything’s flattering many focused around drag racing. Big power.”

© Alpha Logic
Alpha Logic 2013 Nissan GT R Front View

Big energy indeed. Under a hood of Al-Baker’s GT-R is a methanol-fed 4.3-liter shelter retard from AMS Performance that’s interconnected adult with T1’s ported bureau cylinder heads and valvetrain, along with GRP joining rods, Diamond pistons, Trend wrist pins, and large span of turbochargers. “It’s creation around 3400 horsepower and 2200 pound-feet of torque.”

Palo says a Diamond slugs have proven themselves to be adult to a task. “This is a initial engine we’ve finished with these tradition pistons that Diamond built for us. We told them what we had to work with and a kind of energy we wanted to make, and they combined these for us. The engine hasn’t been detached yetso distant so good.”

© Alpha Logic
Alpha Logic 2013 Nissan GT R Turbos

The Alpha Logic group hasn’t gotten a ton of lane time given putting a whole package together, though it isn’t for miss of trying. “The events that we go to over here are fundamentally to take advantage of a good track,” Harper says. “In a US, drag strips are secretly ownedyou can routinely call them adult and lease a lane for a thousand bucks, no problem. Here it’s totally opposite since a drag strips are partial of a Formula One circuits, and a marks are owned by a government. So to lease a drag frame is both really formidable and really expensivewhen we contacted Bahrain they usually had dual dates accessible for a whole season, and a let was 3 hours prolonged for a homogeneous of about $4500.”

Harper says they attend in array called BDRC in a Outlaw Six Cylinder classnot so many for a competition, though to get some lane time. “Because a automobile is rather scandalous for not going straight, we never competition heads adult with anyone. We fundamentally take advantage of a eventuality for a dual exam and balance days and a subordinate day, and go home on a competition day.”

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Alpha Logic 2013 Nissan GT R Alpha Logic Crew

Even during these BDRC events, lane time is scarce. “It’s a 4 day eventuality and a limit volume of runs we get on a given day is two,” Harper tells us. “And in many cases we usually get one since a eventuality is so busy.”

Given a impossibly singular lane time, a group has to make any run count. “The initial run after finishing a car, we were regulating all-new cessation and we only fundamentally regulating center settings on everything,” he says. “I roughly mislaid itit was a small out of hand. On a second run we incited a energy down a bit so we could during slightest get some information out of it, and it went 6.90 during around 208 miles an hour. After that we knew what changes indispensable to be finished to a cessation to dial a energy behind into a car.”

© Alpha Logic
Alpha Logic 2013 Nissan GT R Front View

And once they got that sorted, Alpha Logic proceeded to make history. “People always call it a GT-R record, though it’s indeed an all-wheel expostulate record,” Harper explains. “It’s a quickest and fastest all-wheel expostulate automobile in a world. We’ve damaged a record 4 times now.”

The initial time was about a year ago, when a group posted a 6.85. A small over a month after a group pennyless their possess record, posting a 6.79 before violation a record once again dual hours after with a 6.78. “That record hold until Jan of this year, when we posted a 6.582 during 232 mph,” he says. “And this is on a batch chassisit’s not even cut up. The automobile still weighs roughly 3500 pounds.”

© Alpha Logic
Alpha Logic 2013 Nissan GT R Rob Harper

Holding a record for a fastest all-wheel expostulate automobile in a universe would substantially be adequate for many teams, though Harper is already environment his sights on a subsequent milestone. “The idea is always to go faster, of course,” he says. “I consider a subsequent record we’d like to fire for would be a IRS record. About 5 years ago it was set by a Corvette that went 6.54a automobile that was some-more than a thousand pounds lighter than ours. we consider we’re on a way.”

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