Ally Theatre Company Commissions Playwright Doug Robinson for Mapping Racism Project

Ally Theatre Company is gratified to announce Doug Robinson as a consecrated playwright for a 2019 Mapping Racism Project, constructed in partnership with a Hyattsville Community Development Corporation and Joe’s Movement Emporium.

Mapping Racism Playwright Doug Robinson. Photo pleasantness of Ally Theatre Company.

Doug Robinson is a entertainment artist formed in a DC Metro Area. He perceived his BFA from Long Island University in 2015. In 2015 his play Tree Fort premiered during a New York Emerging Artists Festival during a TADA theatre. In 2017 he was a target of a initial Imagination Stage Rebecca Rice Community Engagement Grant. Currently, he is a training artist with Imagination Stage and Adventure Theatre.

Mapping Racism is a collaborative plan that will move open recognition to a effects of land and skill use restrictions famous as “restricted help covenants” that were hackneyed in a 1920s and 30s and used as collection for secular segregation. Though no longer legal, some of these covenants sojourn on franchise agreements today.

With investigate supposing by a Hyattsville Community Development Corporation, Mr. Robinson will book during 30-45 notation play examining a effects of limited help covenants and how they played a purpose in a common story of Hyattsville and surrounding communities. The play will accept a staged reading in Jan 2019 and a full prolongation will take place in May 2019 during both Joe’s Movement Emporium and a nonetheless to be dynamic plcae in Hyattsville.

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About Ally Theatre Company
Founded in 2016, Ally Theatre Company produces entertainment designed to rivet audiences by acknowledging and opposed systemic hardship in America.

We aim to join a critical conversations—sparked by generations of thinkers, writers, performers, and activists who paved a approach before us—that continue any and each day, by:
● Placing underrepresented populations during a front and core of a narratives and a organization
● Forming alliances with people and organizations who share a identical mission
● Producing new melodramatic works creation their world, national, or internal premieres
● Tackling existent melodramatic works that brazen a conversation
In doing so, we wish to play a tiny partial in formulating a space and event indispensable to form new traditions and conversations, while usually inching toward a expulsion of systemic violence, prejudice, and injustice in a society.

Ally Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, before Doorway Arts Ensemble

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