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Toyota’s Camry has been a country’s best-selling midsize sedan for so prolonged that no one yet Toyota bothers to keep lane any longer.

Year after year, it has served a needs of a American mainstream.

This year, though, Toyota hurdles a possess standing quo. The entirely made-over 2018 Camry ($23,645) is dramatically some-more enchanting — in both coming and opening — than any Camry before it.

It’s a unsure tender for Toyota; too many change risks alienating constant consumers. But Toyota authority Akio Toyoda is steering a association in a some-more expressive, some-more romantic direction.

Lower, wider and some-more assertive

The new Camry is roughly a same distance as before yet has a reduce form and a wider track. This some-more assertive position is underscored by an eye-grabbing new grille, an array of confidant creases and impression lines and a flowing, elongated roofline. 

For some, a new demeanour competence be a step too far, yet sales formula have been positive. Reportedly, watchful lists exist for a black-roofed, two-tone XSE which, with a filigree grille, outrageous atmosphere intakes and sculpted rocker panels, is a boldest of a 5 Camry trims.

A new bottom engine, a 203-horsepower four, is customary opposite a board, while a dual tip trims — XSE ($29,150) and XLE ($28,600) — validate for one of a segment’s few remaining sixes. The carryover 3.5-liter V-6 creates 301 hp, 33 some-more than final year’s iteration.

Both engines span adult with an eight-speed involuntary transmission.

Equipped with a four, Camry runs a 0-60 scurry in 7.9 seconds; a 6 trims that to a fast 5.8 seconds.

Parallel tracks

A lightweight new height drives indiscriminate changes in Camry’s dynamics. Its wheelbase grows longer, a core of sobriety comes down and a cessation is revised to improved hoop cornering forces. 

Toyota sorts Camry’s trims into together tracks. The L, LE and XLE have a normal appeal, while a SE and XSE follow a some-more assertive course. With their sport-tuned suspensions, 18-inch wheels and tires and revised steering calibrations, they are a many enthusiast-friendly Camrys in a model’s history. 

The bottom L is a family loss-leader. Its customary apparatus list includes keyless entry, involuntary LED headlights, a rearview camera, a 7-inch touchscreen interface, Bluetooth connectivity, a singular USB pier and a six-speaker sound system. It runs 16-inch steel wheels.

Still, even a L is versed with a Toyota Safety Sense driver-assist suite, that includes adaptive journey control, involuntary puncture braking, lane-departure warning and slackening and auto-dimming LED headlights.

The lane-departure underline is too supportive and can’t be incited off. The adaptive journey complement is hyper-vigilant, as well, and tends to overreact when it detects slower trade ahead.

Comfort, float peculiarity persist

Camry’s witty new persona does not do mistreat to float quality. Its firmed-up cessation settings dial out physique gaunt and other neglected motions, yet a XSE tester engrossed damaged highway surfaces but fuss.

Corner turn-in is frail and accurate, yet a steering complement provides meagre motorist feedback. With an additional 200 pounds adult front, six-cylinder trims are some-more nose-heavy and disposed to understeer than four-cylinder models.

The delivery responds solemnly to initial stifle submit before enchanting with a disconcerting surge. It’s generally fussy when a motorist has comparison a assertive Sport pushing mode and “S” delivery setting.

The Camry cabin is ethereal and open. The XSE and XLE underline abounding soft-touch materials and near-luxury materials quality. Lower trims are decidedly reduction luxurious.

Entune infotainment is Achilles heel

Seats are extended and comfortable, yet not as deeply bolstered as one competence design of a automobile with opening aspirations. There are no gains in rear-seat legroom or headroom this year, yet 6-footers will be calm with their accommodations.

Toyota’s Entune infotainment interface is a Camry’s Achilles heel. Smartphone formation includes conjunction Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and a infancy of Entune’s apps need a phone to be plugged in and Bluetooth operative. Only a XSE and XLE embody local navigation, forcing other owners to rest on a smartphone app many find insufficient.

Regardless, a new Camry represents a new arrogance during Toyota. Akio Toyoda appears good o  his approach toward reshaping one of a many informed brands.

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2018 Toyota Camry XSE V-6
Vehicle bottom price: $
Trim turn bottom price: $34,950
As tested: $38,230 (includes end and handling)
Options enclosed driver-assist package; birds-eye-view camera; Entune 3.0 reward audio with navigation and app suite; Rusty Flare Pearl paint.
EPA rating: 26 combined/22 city/32 highway
Regular unleaded fuel specified

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