Alfa considers Giulia coupe and convertible

Alfa Romeo could still insert a sports automobile and automobile into a new-model programme over a subsequent 3 years, a company’s trainer has suggested – and a disdainful images uncover what could be in store.

The Italian code recently realigned a product plan, nudging behind some launches from 2018 to a finish of a stream decade. The priorities after the new Giulia executive tavern are dual SUVs – a initial due to be denounced after this year and approaching to be called Stelvio, a second in 2018 – and a deputy for a existent Giulietta.

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The new Giulietta is approaching to arrive in 2017, and is approaching to underline a rear-wheel-drive blueprint – achieved by a use of a condensed Giulia height – that is surprising for a family hatch.

However, Alfa trainer Harald Wester has suggested that there stays operation for additional models in a same timeframe. When asked if Alfa was deliberation a rear-drive sports coupe or convertible, he said: “When we communicated a revised product plan, with 4 vital launches over a subsequent 5 years and no discuss of certain specialities, that does not meant there’s no space to do something like this.”

 Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe - back (watermarked)

He added: “There is a priority and healthy method to what we’re doing. We need to ramp adult a tellurian placement network and we’re seeking many of a partners to deposit heavily in this process. So we need to pledge a consistent supply of intensity high-volume cars to means a business.

“What are a highest-volume convertibles – 30 or 40,000 cars per year? But Alfa Romeo needs cars like this in a range. And it will have cars like this in a range; it’s only a doubt of when.” The new Giulia’s height and engine choice are both pronounced to be modular adequate for most shorter vehicles – and pliant to furnish incomparable models.

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Adding two-door coupe and automobile versions of a tavern would be a comparatively cost-effective approach for Alfa to dilate a product portfolio, quite in markets like a United States, that are approaching to play a pivotal purpose in a brand’s recovery.

Wester also suggested that Alfa’s existent sports car, a 4C, could accept upgrades – including a larger, some-more absolute engine. The Giulia has a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine within a line-up; Wester reliable that a 200bhp section will be ramped adult to 280bhp for a after book – and that it could fit into a 4C. “We don’t have a clear devise during a moment, though that engine would work with that car,” he said. “The 4C will be around for some time and there are lots of possibilities to rise it further.”

What do we consider of Alfa’s skeleton for a Giulia coupe and convertible? Let us know below…

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