Addison on Erin Mills patron wins Chevrolet Colorado

Addison on Erin Mills customers, Derek and Ursula Zygmunt were grinning from ear to ear Thursday, Jan 14 as they perceived their code new 2018 Chevrolet Colorado. 

“The car valued during $60,000 was won as partial of a competition hold by General Motors in and with a GTA GM dealers,” explains Joe Smith, General Sales Manager of Addison on Erin Mills.

“It was a biggest Black Friday eventuality in Toronto ever.  The competition ran from Nov 1 to Dec 14.

To enter, business usually had to exam expostulate a new GM car from their internal GTA General Motors dealership. They also had to reside in a GTA.

“The pull was hold by GM and a propitious leader had exam driven a car during a propitious plcae in Erin Mills. Hence a esteem was delivered by us,” Joe says.

Addison on Erin Mills gave divided a $10,000 selling debauch to one propitious patron in Dec as well.

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