Abarth 124 Spider vs Fiat 124 Spider

There’s a bit of a necessity of small, affordable sports cars. The fact Fiat formed a 124 Spider on a Mazda MX-5 proves how tough it is to make these things profitable. That one of a 124’s closest rivals is done by Fiat itself (well, Fiat’s opening automobile arm) usually hammers a point home.

For around £6,000 some-more than a Fiat 124, we can have a pumped-up Abarth 124. The additional money not usually buys we an assertive styling makeover – with discretionary retro convene colour schemes – yet an additional 30bhp (168bhp in total), a new cessation tune, a limited-slip differential and some-more absolute Brembo brakes.

And an pornographic empty system. This automobile is louder aurally than it is visually, trust it or not. That is not a compliment. In town, pedestrians will glance during you, while on a motorway you’ll have to spin your song adult really shrill to costume its droning.

Its some-more driver-focused framework also creates a dish out of civic roads. Fiat’s 124 is one of a easiest going roadsters on sale, Abarth’s is not. After one expostulate home we resolved Abarth has done a louder, reduction gentle 124, assured Fiat’s is a right one to have.

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Three days after and a Abarth had talked me turn and assured me all other cars need to stop holding themselves so seriously. Yes, it thumps a approach by town. But on an beguiling square of highway a additional pointing over a Fiat bottom automobile is tangible.

The 124’s evident physique hurl into corners has left and a behind spindle is most some-more trustworthy. It’s noticeably quicker, too, yet a engine feels some-more exposed to turbo loiter and we have to work a gearbox harder to keep a Abarth on a boil. Which is fine, since a six-speed primer change remains fantastic.

Inside, a Abarth is a churned bag. Alcantara is pointlessly on a dashboard rather than usefully on a steering wheel, yet a red rev opposite pleases my middle child and Abarth’s trademark is a some-more moving thing to have staring during behind during we from a ‘wheel than Fiat’s.

Worth a additional 6 grand? Objectively, no. Fiat’s roadster would be distant easier to live with, extremely reduction annoying in trade and it’s not that most slower. But injured as it is, a Abarth is a transparent leader if we suffer driving. Which I do.

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