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As neat and aerodynamic designs and nosebleed-level cost tags have turn some-more common in a automotive market, automobile manufacturers face augmenting foe to furnish daily personal travel that “makes a statement.”

In a box of a V-8-powered LC 500 and a gas-electric hybrid sibling, a LC 500h, Lexus has done itself shrill and transparent with one of a best-looking new cars in new memory

The LC 500’s 5.0-liter V-8 engine cranks out a rated 471 horsepower and 398 foot-pounds of torque, that is delivered to a behind wheels around a 10-speed involuntary transmission.

The LC 500h, meanwhile, employs a 3.5-liter V-6 gas engine operative in tandem with a span of electric motors and a lithium-ion battery container (the initial such focus in a Toyota/Lexus vehicle). Total outlay is rated during 354 horsepower; no torque rating is given, nonetheless a hybrid chronicle reportedly is usually somewhat off a gait of a V-8-powered model.

Pricing starts during $92,000 for a gas-only indication and $96,510 for a hybrid version. There are options packages offering that supplement larger oppulance and aloft prices to a proceedings, nonetheless we think that a simple LC 500 should supply adequate cushiness to fit a normal high-end buyer’s taste.

Standard goodies embody adaptive suspension, 20-inch fake aluminum amalgamate wheels, a full raft of Lexus collision-avoidance and reserve tech, keyless entrance and ignition, a set of auto-deploying extraneous doorway handles, leather appointments via a cabin, 12-speaker reward audio, exhilarated and ventilated 10-way power-adjustable front seats, console-mounted touchpad infotainment interface and most more.

Having created that, Lexus supposing a well-optioned hybrid indication for a week of sauce adult a roads of Scranton and a Abingtons. The additional $1,790 Touring Package (semi-aniline upholstery, faux-suede headliner, 13-speaker Mark Levinson Surround Sound complement with DVD/CD/MP3 capability), $1,000 preference package (park support and blind spot-monitoring systems with cross-traffic alerts), $900 heads-up display, and a few other smaller-ticket equipment and smoothness brought a final seeking cost to a elegant $101,560.

Now, before anyone starts enormous six-figure Prius jokes, bear in mind that this automobile and a apparent progenitor (the Prius some-more or reduction was a vanguard of a hybrid-vehicle segment) are light-years detached in terms of element quality, opening and technology.

For starters, there’s a LC’s new multistage involuntary transmission, that radically is dual trannies in one. It combines a required invariably non-static smoothness with a four-speed Aisin gearbox identical to those found in heavy-hauler almost trucks. The net outcome is frequency trucklike, though, as a Lexus runs by a gearing smoothly, delivering a gas-electric products in a linear fashion.

Another nifty bit of tech can be found in a core console-mounted touchpad infotainment interface. It requires a bit of use to master — some competence find a hold settings a bit too supportive — though it works as good as or improved than some knob-based control systems I’ve sampled.

Our china LC drew admiring glances wherever we went, a totally distinct (and no doubt intentional) outcome of a car’s drop-dead beautiful lines. Even a brand-specific front fascia pattern that looks trite and strict on other models works beautifully here.

The interior is a swankiest nonetheless from Lexus, that is observant something. Softly sueded surfaces with resisting high-quality materials emanate an sourroundings exuding record and sophistication.

Controls are easy to review and operate, while a high-definition electroluminescent instrument cluster delivers automobile info clearly. Front-seat occupants will find a accommodations distant some-more welcoming than those in a scalloped behind seats; a kids found them only ample adequate for a brief expostulate to propagandize any morning.

True to Lexus’ rep, a LC’s float peculiarity leans toward comfort. The going is mostly still save for a V-6’s guttural scream underneath tough acceleration. Expect 60 mph to arrive in a few ticks underneath 5 seconds. Our tester was somewhat hobbled by a front-end misalignment (welcome to pothole country, folks) that didn’t impact opening though done for an irritating volume of speed-related highway bark in a cabin.

Handling is glorious — startling even, given a car’s porky 4,435-pound quell weight. Cornering is prosaic and certain with a speed-rated tires delivering copiousness of grip. The gas-electric drivetrain delivers smooth-enough acceleration. The EPA’s 30-mpg combined-driving guess is 11 mpg improved than that of a V-8-powered model.

2018 Lexus LC 500h

Vehicle type: Two-door, four-passenger gas-electric hybrid oppulance sports coupe.

Base/as-tested prices: $96,510/$101,560.

Engine and transmission: 3.5-liter V-6 complemented by dual electric motors and a lithium-ion battery container (354 horsepower sum output), multistage involuntary transmission.

EPA estimates: 26 mpg city, 35 mpg highway, 30 mpg combined.

The good: Drop-dead beautiful styling both inside and out; all a latest go-fast hybrid-drive technology; surprisingly light on a feet deliberation a quell weight; gentle and lush interior featuring high-quality materials throughout; improved fuel economy than a gas-only model; morally discerning acceleration; comical V-6 empty snarl underneath tough acceleration.

The bad: There are quicker, lighter and some-more sports-minded choices during this cost point; cost reward over gas-only model; behind seats a well-appointed afterthought; tiny trunk; options pull a seeking cost into six-figure territory.

Bottom line: The all-new LC 500h blends cutting-edge record and beautiful styling in a package that appeals to both a pushing fan and style-minded highway cruiser.

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