A Deep Dive into a 2018 Harley-Davidson Lineup

“The Street Rod builds on a Harley-Davidson Street platform. We unequivocally took it to a farthest extents building a motorcycle for somebody who lives mostly in an civic environment,” pronounced Strunk. “This is something they can get around on any day, though can also try out of a city on a weekend and carve adult some corners. This is a bike that unequivocally meets both of those needs from lane-splitting on a Monday to hairpin turns on a Saturday.”

We also discussed a entry-level Street 500 that Strunk says is a good starter bike. “The Street 500 has been around for several years now,” pronounced Strunk. “It has a nice, neutral roving position. We use that for a roving academy courses. It’s a bike we can learn on and we can also lay on one on a salon building and put one in your garage.”


Last August, Harley-Davidson pulled a wraps off a fully revamped Softail lineup. It consists of 9 all-new models, any with a possess purpose and personality. Strunk walked me by some of a featured models and gave me a outline on what creates any one distinct.

“We’ve launched 9 new models given August,” pronounced Strunk. “An all-new chassis, 90 percent stiffer than a prior Dyna chassis. It uses a back monoshock with preload composition that on some models is unprotected for discerning composition and on a some-more classical models we keep it underneath a chair for some-more of a selected look.”

At this point, we walked over to one of a standout models in a Harley-Davidson lineup, a Street Bob, that is a many affordable Softail. “The initial indication in a lineup that gets many people’s courtesy is a Street Bob,” pronounced Strunk. “The Street Bob has been around for a prolonged time, though with a new improvements in a Softail lineup, this is a bike that has that retro cool, though performs in a complicated sense. This is a good instance of consistent classical stripped-down looks and enabling complicated technology.”

It’s value observant that a Street Bob was once a dear member of a Dyna family of Harley-Davidson. The all-new Softail lineup saw a merging of a Dyna and Softail lines that was met with some predicted critique from purists who skip a “rubber soul” of a Dyna.

“The thing that always creates me unapproachable about operative for Harley-Davidson is we can’t consider of any other product we could be compared with where a owners are so passionate,” pronounced Strunk when we asked how clever a insurgency has been to a elimination of a Dyna. “We knew that with a change like that there was going to have an opinion. What I’ve beheld is that after folks float them they contend ‘Oh, this is wonderful,’ and a name change is reduction of a regard after they indeed put some miles on. These bikes are only distant and divided on a whole opposite turn from a prior models.”

Next, we walked over to what competence be my personal favorite new further to a Softail line, a Sport Glide. “The good thing about this is, again, all of a smashing record of a new Softail framework is used like dual-bending valve record in a inverted front fork,” pronounced Strunk of a Sport Glide. “Two out of a 9 models, a Fat Bob and a Sport Glide, use a cartridge-style inverted front fork. The rest of a models use a normal front fork, though uses a SHOWA dual-bending valve that we initial debuted on a furloughed models a year before.” The Sport Glide has a sport-touring vibe from a factory, though that can simply be modified. “You can simply frame it down,” pronounced Strunk. “The fairing is quick-detachable, no collection required. Same thing with a saddlebags.”

The many evil and maybe a many argumentative of a new Softail bikes is a new Fat Bob. “The Fat Bob has substantially gotten a many courtesy out of all of them,” pronounced Strunk. This is one of a 4 new Softails accessible with possibly a Milwaukee Eight 107 or a bigger 114, a Heritage Classic, Breakout, and Fat Boy being a other three.

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