A Cheaper, Lighter Honda Civic Type R Might Be a Thing in 2018 …

Unless you’ve been vital underneath a stone for a past year or so, you’re substantially well aware that a new Honda Civic Type R is finally entrance to American shores very soon. It’s approaching to be labelled somewhere in a mid-$30,000s, identical to a Ford Focus RS—pre-dealer markup, anyway. This creates a Civic Type R not a really inexpensive automobile during all and out of strech to many quick Honda fans on a budget. 

However, a cheaper, lighter, nude down indication might be entrance in 2018. 

In a tweet from veteran VTEC fan HondaPro Jason, a usually Civic Type R that’s entrance this year will be of a ‘Touring’ variety—that’s Honda-speak for entirely loaded. In 2018, however, dual trims will turn available: a Civic Type R Touring and a Civic Type R… not Touring. 

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