911 Syndrome: Acura NSX May Add Convertible, Type R Variants

2017 Acura NSX

Acura desperately wants its new NSX to be taken severely in a supercar realm, and one measly various won’t do when Porsche offers upwards of 20 versions of a 911. To that end, both a automobile NSX and a track-ready NSX Type R competence be in a cards, according to a news in Autocar.

This info comes true from NSX growth operative Nick Robinson, who told Autocar that Honda wants to emanate a lightweight, hardcore NSX to live adult to a sacred “Type R” badge. This reportedly would engage a use of some-more outlandish materials to cut weight, probable active aerodynamics, and even a reworked drivetrain that could make a automobile rear-wheel drive.

The standard Acura NSX uses a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 along with 3 electric motors, twin in front and one in a rear, that give a automobile all-wheel drive. Cutting out the twin front electric motors and their compared batteries would save copiousness of pounds, nonetheless a behind electric engine expected would remain. There’s even a fashion for a rear-drive NSX (other than a original, of course): One of a mutated Acuras set to competition a Pikes Peak hill-climb apparently does but a hybrid machinery, and uses a some-more absolute chronicle of a V-6 with electric superchargers to succeed a twin turbos. Robinson also let on that the existent NSX has a arrange of “cheat mode” that disconnects a front motors and turns a automobile into a “drift machine.” Sounds copiousness interesting to us.

As for a topless NSX, Robinson pronounced it was a graphic probability since a car’s physique is so stiff. To minimize a constructional changes and lessen any probable weight gain, an open-roof NSX would many expected underline a removable roof row in a capillary of the Chevrolet Corvette. If we remember behind to 2012’s The Avengers, Tony Stark’s NSX automobile [pictured below] competence give some denote of what a NSX would demeanour like but a roof, nonetheless that automobile was a one-off concept created privately for a film.

Acura NSX judgment automobile Avengers

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