7 reasons a Honda Odyssey’s ideal for a family of 7

It’s a story as aged as time. Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. They have 3 kids. Hire a lassie or nanny. Parents pierce in. Before we know it, his EK9 Civic is traded in for an Alphard on a grey market.

But it unequivocally doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re not prepared to give adult a fun aspects of driving, this seven-seater from Honda could be a ideal fit.

Here’s why:

1. Zippier than many seven-seater MPVs. It’s formed on a well-balanced framework and rev-happy engine of a ninth era Accord. It’s not quite quick, though it knows how to hoop a energy it has. We have never seen an MPV of this distance have so many intrepidity given a S-MAX, and that was a tad smaller than this.

2. Premium Cradle Captain Seats with ottomans. Some of us wish to give a relatives a good gentle chair for journeys in their golden years. With a Odyssey, we get dual intensely gentle and ancillary “Premium Cradle Captain Seats” What’s more, they have extendable ottomans for occupants to flog their feet adult and nap.

3. It’s a code new seven-seater oppulance MPV. A lot of intensity Odyssey buyers finish adult going for a Alphard or Vellfire instead. But for RM200,000, we can’t get those vehicles new. You’ll substantially get a reconditioned automobile from Japan that could have spent a final life as a cab or in a hands of a motorist who smoked in a car. With a Honda Odyssey, we get a five-year guaranty from Honda Malaysia PLUS, it’s entirely done in Japan for a comprehensive best quality.

4. Well-packaged foot and third quarrel of seats. In a lot of seven-seater MPVs, luggage space is mostly exceedingly compromised. You finish adult with seats for 7 though luggage space for only dual or three. Not a box in a Odyssey. The abyss of a counter here is unrivalled. Plus, we can even fall a third quarrel into a foot for a many flatter, incomparable foot for five.

5. Active safety. Honda Sensing adds an infinite volume of value to automobile owners. Think about it – if it prevents even ONE collision, a complement has already paid for itself by safeguarding a lives of a ones we love.

6. It looks awesome. The problem with many MPVs is a ungainly proportions. A lot of brands seem to consider owners have one regard – SPACE. To maximize space, MPVs finish adult carrying unequivocally peculiar shapes. Either a glasshouse is too tall, or a carp sits a small too tighten to a dashboard. To be honest, a Odyssey is a best looking MPV of a class.

7. It’s underline rich. Car buyers currently are looking for a prolonged list of features, and manufacturers are carrying a harder and harder time squeezing these facilities in but pulling a cost up. But Honda Malaysia seems to be a masters in this realm. The Odyssey is no opposite notwithstanding being done in Japan. It’s got all a infotainment, reserve and preference facilities that a rest of a lineup offers.

Honda Odyssey specifications

Engine: Inline 4, DOHC
Capacity: 2,356cc
Gearbox: CVT Automatic
Max power: 173hp @ 6200rpm
Max torque: 225Nm @ 4000Nm



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