5 Things to Know About a 2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

5 Things to Know About a 2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

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By Jim Travers

Since a model-year 2015 reintroduction, a mid-size Chevrolet Colorado pickup lorry has been a hit: More than 400,000 have been sole and it has raked in some-more than $10.25 billion in income for primogenitor association GM. It’s protected to contend a marketplace was prepared for another choice to full-size pickups. Chevy upped a ante for 2017 by adding a ZR2 trim level with genuine off-road cred. The ZR2 spent dual years of growth time proof a eagerness on a purpose-built march in a Arizona desert, on a Rubicon Trail in California, and in several other two-tracks, sand holes, musty spots and sundry climates around a U.S. Its growth group was done adult of genuine off-road enthusiasts, including a lead engineer.

Here are a few other things we should know about a ZR2.

1. Class-Only Diesel

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Available with a 186-horseppower, 2.8-liter inline four-cylinder diesel engine pumping out 369 pounds-feet of torque, a Colorado is a usually mid-size diesel pickup we can buy — during slightest for now. And all that torque comes in accessible on a trail, where a ZR2 crawls simply over rocks and boulders with minimal stifle and drama. It also earnings 22 mpg on a highway, according to a EPA.

2. Only E-Locker in Its Class

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Another category disdainful is front and behind electronic locking differentials, that can be intent from a cab. That keeps all 4 wheels branch during a same speed, something any gifted off-roader will tell we can be a good thing when things get messy.

3. Trick Suspension

3 2018-Chevrolet-Colorado-Susp ZR2_2

Opting for a ZR2 gets we what Chevy calls a initial off-road focus of a Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve dampers in a mid-size pickup class. What that translates in is progressive-rate shocks with lots of travel; they start softer and prop adult as they compress. However it works, we can attest that a ZR2 rides remarkably good in a severe stuff.

4. A Step Up

4 2018-Chevrolet-Colorado-Skid image ZR2_2

More cessation tweaks embody a 3.5-inch-wider lane front and behind than a customary Colorado, 31-inch tires and a 2-inch strike in float tallness to assistance we transparent obstacles on a trail. It also has movement plates for when we don’t.

5. Exhaust Brake

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Chevrolet and GMC are a usually small-diesel makers that embody a dedicated diesel empty stop switch to concede for combined empty behind vigour to improved control heavier loads or trailers. The Ram 1500 doesn’t offer it on a EcoDiesel and a new Ford F-150 Power Stroke doesn’t have it either.

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