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Mercedes-Benz has invested billions of dollars in a new battery-powered electric vehicle platforms, spawning another sub-brand (EQ) as good as a destiny in that literally dozens of electric plug-in vehicles will underline a three-pointed star. The latest entrance in this duds is the Concept EQV, an all-electric van, formed on Benz’s renouned V-Class medium-size hauler (known here in a States as a Metris.)

The outpost will have a operation of scarcely 250 miles from a 100-kWh battery pack. And it will, like a stream V-Class, be accessible in mixed configurations including cargo, family hauler, and shuttle.

But that’s not all it can do, or all it implies or presages. We sat in a atmospheric and lush back cabin of a new EQV Concept on a Mercedes mount progressing this year during a Geneva Motor Show with Daimler tellurian pattern executive Gorden Wagener, and found out most more.

Here are 5 pivotal things that we we discovered.

Vans are Easier to Electrify:

“Like with each EV, we have to store a battery, and that is always a challenge. But with a van, we don’t have to scapegoat proportions, visually, in sequence to do that since we can usually store a battery in a existent floor. That’s what we did here. There is copiousness of building space for battery storage.”

It Has EQ Family Accents:

“We brought in a tone and trim pieces from a EQC Concept, with blue and black leather, rose bullion accents, and generally a EQ face and grille and headlamp cluster. The usually genuine pattern leisure on a outpost is in a front end. The rest is especially usually package and volume. But we did a good pursuit of cleaning it up, and giving it a beauty, as good as trim and materials it requires to be a oppulance van.”

Vans May Become More Ubiquitous:

“If liberty comes, and we trust it will take utterly some time, a car competence turn a ‘third place’ in further to your home and your work. And if that happens, afterwards what will we prioritize in that vehicle? You will prioritize space. And a van, or a singular volume [one box] car has that. Like a F015 that we showed a few years, it can be a rolling loft with copiousness of room to widen out and work or relax while a car drives we by a trade of Beijing or LA.”

People Already Have Ideas of What They Will Do in That Space:

“You competence use that space to cook. Or to sleep, put in a bed. Actually, we review a consult of what people trust they will devise to do in autonomous vehicles, and one of a tip 3 was to have sex. Tint a windows. Get romantic.”

Vans Can Be Cool Again, Like They Were in a 70s:

“I was always surfing, so we always desired vans. They have some-more serviceable space than in an estate [wagon], we can chuck your play in there, we can nap in there. But to make vans cold again we have to make them good looking. You have to give it some nose, not usually blunt functionality. Status is critical in many of a pivotal markets like China and among some business in a U.S., so we have to give it some presence.”

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