46. Audi A5 & Sportback – robust coupes with opposite personalities

Audi’s span of robust coupes indeed conduct to have surprisingly opposite personalities, even yet there’s unequivocally not too most disproportion in a approach that they drive. The two-door A5 is arguably a slightest attractive of a pair, though a normal two-door coupe styling is immensely appealing, and it looks robust in all a right places.

Is a sleeker, some-more laid-back looking Sportback improved looking? Eye of a onlooker and all that, though it looks, to a eyes, a some-more costly of a pair. The peculiar thing is that this bleeds by into a approach they drive.

The framework is a same – and is some-more attractive than it is sparkling – though a closer proportions of a A5 make it feel somewhat some-more aggressively sporty, while a glassier, some-more open vicinity of a Sportback lend it a slinkier, some-more loose vibe.

Obviously a Sportback is a some-more unsentimental of a two, though possibly is atmospheric adequate for day-to-day use. RS5 versions have large energy from their common turbocharged V6 engine and extraordinary all-weather capability interjection to quattro four-wheel drive.

Best model: A5 Sportback 2.0 TDI 190hp quattro S-Line for €57,450

Price range: €46,160 to €POA. Finance from €464 per month.

Co2 emissions: 111 to 197g/km

Sum up: Beguiling looks, pleasing cabin.

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