30th Anniversary Edition Mazda MX-5 Miata entrance to Chicago Auto Show

Teaser for Mazda MX-5 Miata 30th Anniversary Special Edition

This year, a dear Mazda MX-5 Miata turns 30 years old. To symbol a Japanese roadster’s birthday, Mazda skeleton to exhibit a Miata 30th Anniversary Edition during a 2019 Chicago Auto Show.

The Windy City and a Miata reason a special bond. It was behind in 1989 during a Chicago Auto Show where a association suggested a strange MX-5 Miata. The automobile became a roaring success as it channeled European roadsters that had tickled a fancies of sports automobile enthusiasts years prior. The disproportion was those cars were dangerous while a Miata carried rock-solid Japanese quality.

Mazda didn’t yield sum on a special book automobile as evidenced by a teaser print that only shows an dull parking structure. However, a association pronounced a anniversary indication was combined to demonstrate appreciation for those who’ve helped make a roadster a success over a past 3 decades. Since a strange automobile done a debut, we’ve been treated to 3 additional generations of a MX-5 Miata, including a smashing stream ND-generation car.

We doubt there’s any some-more energy in store for a 30th Anniversary Edition given Mazda recently gave a roadster some extra ponies for a 2019 indication year. The latest indication gained 26 some-more horsepower around countless engine upgrades and some lightweighting procedures. Engineers also bumped a engine’s redline to a loftier 7,500 rpm over a prior model’s 6,800 rpm. Drivers also suffer a sweeter strain pleasantness of a new empty system.

More than likely, a special-edition Miata will container some bureau graphics, commemorative badges, and disdainful paint colors to symbol a car’s significance. In standard special-edition fashion, we could also see singular wheels and special elaboration via a cabin to piquancy things adult a smidge.

We’ll have all a sum as a Japanese roadster outlines a 30th birthday when a Chicago Auto Show kicks off on Feb. 7.

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