$30K For A 1997 MX-5 Miata With 120 Miles On The Clock – Are You Sold?

Prices for a first-gen Mazda MX-5 Miata are on a rise, yet seeking roughly $30k ($29,995, to be exact) for a hardly driven instance competence be a bit too much.

We creatively found a automobile on Craigslist, that led us to Hayes Auto Sales in Roseville, California.

The play apparently has a 1997 MX-5 Miata on sale and a small roadster usually has 120 miles on a clock. For a 21-year-old car, that’s impossibly impressive; whoever bought a automobile must’ve put it in a garage right away.

Now, $30,000 sounds like a lot of income for a ’97 Miata – and it is. But a indication that’s adult for sale isn’t only a unchanging Miata – it’s a special M-Edition.

For 1997, Mazda built 3,000 M-Edition Miatas. The special-edition was finished in Marina Green and had discriminating Enkei wheels. On a inside, there’s tan leather interior and some Nardi pieces like on a change doorknob and parking brake.

The Miata comes with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that pumps out 133 horsepower and is interconnected to a five-speed gearbox that’s a genuine fun to quarrel through.

The automobile looks like it’s in primitive condition, that shouldn’t be surprising, as a vehicle’s hardly been driven. This is, though a doubt, a closest anyone will ever get to purchasing a new NA Miata today. A lot of exampleshave been mutated and kick to hell. And those, surprisingly, are still offered for around $5,000.

We are comparing apples to oranges here, though if prices for Miatas continue to rise, like they did with air-cooled Porsches, afterwards this squeeze competence make some kind of sense. On a other hand, for a same volume one can squeeze a first-gen Miata and a new MX-5 RF. Granted, a former will have lots of miles on it, though still… Even so, we have no doubt someone will dip this up. Here’s anticipating it will be driven rather than put in storage again with a owners watchful for a right impulse to flip it.

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