3 Major Takeaways From a Geneva Auto Show

Korean automobile hulk Hyundai chose Geneva to betray a new prolonged line of choice energy-powered vehicles. Image source: Hyundai.

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The International Geneva Motor Show, reason each Mar in Switzerland, is a biggest and many critical automobile uncover in Europe. Traditionally, all of a European automakers have looked to make a large dash in Geneva each year. But increasingly, as a marketplace for new cars has turn a tellurian one, vital automakers formed elsewhere have also selected to betray critical models before a tellurian media in Geneva.

This year’s uncover charity adult a slew of critical new-vehicle debuts. We asked 3 of a Fool’s auto-minded contributors to tell us about a new models that held their eyes from a building of a Geneva Palexpo gathering center.

Rich Smith: It’s Hyundai’s “three-fer” of immature automobiles that unequivocally held my eye in Geneva.

With offerings that embody a hybrid gas-electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid, and even a totally electric EV, Hyundai is charity something for everybody in a Ioniq line — so prolonged as what you’re looking for is immature cars to save a planet, and your wallet.

On a other hand, this is substantially not what Toyota was anticipating to see. Currently, Toyota’s Prius is the best-selling hybrid on a planet, and arguably Toyota’s best respond to Hyundai, that has for years boasted that a automobile swift gets a best mileage of any automaker.

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As some-more and some-more automakers try into hybrid waters, however, Hyundai’s explain to celebrity could be during risk. Its preference to go all in on alt-en looks to me like an bid to safeguard that Hyundai stays during a conduct of a pack, mpg-wise. And a fact that a new Ioniq hybrid boasts improved horsepower than a 121-hp Prius tells me Hyundai has put Toyota front and core in a crosshairs.

That said, I’m not certain that Hyundai’s bid will succeed. According to Autoblog, a plug-in hybrid Ioniq will usually go about 31 miles on all-electric power. That lags a 35 mile aim that Toyota has set for a 2017 plug-in Prius, and falls even over brief of a 50-mile all-electric operation of GeneralMotorsChevy Volt. Similarly, Ioniq’s all-electric EV various is pronounced to exaggerate a 155-mile operation that will tumble brief of a 200 miles boasted by GM’s Chevy Bolt.

It’s probable that Hyundai’s three-pronged conflict on a electric-car marketplace could still finish adult being too little, too late.

: One outrageous takeaway from a Geneva Auto Show wasn’t merely a one-off product or concept. Rather, it was a story of an whole strategy. Here’s what we know: Luxury sales are increasingly critical to automakers to beget some-more increase per vehicle. But how does Ford Motor Company contest for those rarely essential sales in Europe when a Lincoln code is during slightest a decade divided from competing with Europe’s homegrown oppulance brands?

Well, looking during Ford’s debuts in Geneva, a answer is a Vignale line. Vignale is fundamentally a super-premium trim of Ford vehicles, an try to strike a essential honeyed mark between Ford’s mainstream vehicles and Europe’s tip oppulance vehicles. Here’s a demeanour during a Vignale chronicle of a Kuga (Escape), that Ford denounced during a automobile show.

Ford showed off a Kuga Vignale in Geneva progressing this month. Image source: Ford Motor Company.

Currently, Ford usually sells a Mondeo (Fusion) in a Vignale version, though it skeleton to enhance a lineup with a further of a S-MAX Vignale, Edge Vignale, Kuga Vignale, all while charity consumers disdainful advantages for travel, lifestyle, and eventuality offers such as a F1 Monaco Grand Prix, via Europe.

The good news for investors is a plan has already worked, to some degree. Nearly 80% of a record 102,000 Kugas sole in Europe final year were reward Titanium models, emphasizing consumers enterprise SUVs and unequivocally reward trims of those SUVs. If that consumers stairs adult to a Vignale chronicle of a Kuga and Edge, Ford could have found a answer to roping in a some-more essential consumer, while avoiding foe from a large boys and avoiding cannibalizing a mainstream sales.

John Rosevear: Toyota had a solidly essential fourth quarter, though there was a tiny means for concern: The Japanese automobile giant’s tellurian sales were down 2.2%.

Toyota’s vaunted peculiarity hasn’t slipped a bit, and many reviewers determine that a mainstream models have turn some-more appealing in new years. So what’s a issue? It’s this: Buyers wish SUVs, and Toyota doesn’t have as many as a rivals. It’s losing sales.

That’s because we was blissful to see a long-awaited new Toyota C-HR crossover SUV denounced in Geneva.

The Toyota C-HR is an all-new subcompact crossover SUV. It’s approaching to arrive during U.S. dealers subsequent year as a 2018 model. Image source: Toyota

Originally designed as an entrance for a soon-to-be-discontinued Scion brand, a C-HR (for “Coupe High Rider,” Toyota says) is a neatly styled tiny crossover one distance down from a hot-selling RAV4. It’ll line adult opposite models likeFiat Chrysler‘s renouned Jeep Renegade, a Mazda CX-3, Nissan’s Juke — andHonda‘s recently launched HR-V.

The subcompact crossover shred is one that’s starting to take off worldwide.In further to a list above, GM has had a large strike in a tiny and stylish Buick Encore (and in Europe, a Opel Mokka twin), and Ford is doing good with a Fiesta-based EcoSport crossover in China and Europe.

We still don’t have a lot of sum about a prolongation chronicle of a C-HR. (In fact, Toyota hasn’t even shown off a interior yet.) But we know that it will be built on a same design that underpins a new 2016 Prius; it’ll come in during slightest one hybrid version; it will roughly positively be rolled out in Japan, a U.S., China, and Europe over a subsequent year or so; and it’s expected to be labelled unequivocally competitively.

Toyota has unequivocally indispensable an entrance in this sepulchral shred for a integrate of years now, and a eye-grabbing new C-HR should do well.

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