2020 Camry TRD, Avalon TRD: Toyota to offer opening versions (no kiddin’!) of bread-and-butter family

Toyota’s mid- and full-size sedans suffer — or, depending on your indicate of view, are saddled with — reputations as correct and correct family conveyances high on practicality though low on passion.

Up until now, a thought of a hot-rod Camry or a fire-breathing Avalon expected existed essentially in a heated imagination of a child in a behind chair of mom and dad’s car. “Gee,” he might wistfully illusion on a approach to school, “I wish a automobile was cool.”

Well, put on your sweater, kid. Toyota’s about to make it happen.

TRD — that’s Toyota Racing Development to a uninformed — has only denounced performance-sedan variants of a midsize Camry and a full-size Avalon. Both are set to entrance subsequent tumble as 2020 models. Here’s a demeanour during each.

2020 Toyota Camry TRD


After roving for some-more than a decade-and-a-half on what was an ancient tallness by a finish of a 16-year run, Camry in 2018 was reborn as an all-new automobile whose skeleton comprised a ultra-modern Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

That stretchable substructure injected into Camry a new-found athleticism that done probable a before inconceivable turn of opening from this family hauler — a turn achieved, Toyota promises, in a 2020 “track-tuned” Camry TRD.

Don’t snicker. Toyota, expecting skepticism, unabashedly states, ” ‘Track-tuned’ means accurately that.”


Starting life as a sporty Camry XSE, a TRD chronicle earns race-course-evaluated travel cred with a horde of doing upgrades. These embody stiffer curl springs and stouter front and back lean bars for increasing hurl stiffness, singular TRD opening shocks, and matte-black 19-inch amalgamate wheels that, compared to a 19-inchers on XSE, are half-an-inch wider and 3.1 pounds lighter.

With those lighter, wider wheels hugged by Bridgestone Potenza 235/40R19 summer tires, a result, Toyota says, is reduced unsprung mass for reduction dead-weight, an boost in parallel hold for extended cornering fortitude and quickened turn-in response for snappier steering response.

Although TRD retains XSE’s 301-hp V-6 and eight-speed automatic, a track-oriented visitor enhances stifle response with freer-flowing exhaust.

To make a automobile reduction manifest to a wind, TRD’s physique facilities such aero tweaks as a exclusive front splitter, side aero skirts, a case lid spoiler and a back diffuser.

Adding an exclamation indicate to that furious haberdashery are TRD’s gloss-black grille with competition filigree insert and black extraneous badging. Inside, a motorist will see red — in a differently black cabin’s red accents, red stitching and even red seatbelts.

2020 Toyota Avalon TRD


Sharing Camry TRD’s 301-hp V-6 and eight-speed automatic, a large Avalon also embraces a opening philosophy. That means this land yacht is treated to incomparable front stop rotors with dual-piston calipers, a reduce float tallness on TRD springs and opening shocks.


Inside and out, a hey-look-at-me TRD habit also is donned by a before undisturbed Avalon. Readily apparent in a cabin are black competition buckets with Ultra-suede inserts, red accents and red seatbelts. The extraneous shows immaculate steel TRD empty tips, red pinstriping, aero elements and lightweight matte-black 19-inch amalgamate wheels for reduced unsprung mass compared to a 19’s on Avalon XSE.

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