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The Volvo XC60 isn’t a initial automobile that comes to mind when people start selling for a compress oppulance SUV. So distant this year, a Audi Q5 and BMW X3 have sole 49,694 and 41,825 units, respectively. In a same time, Volvo has usually changed 23,511 XC60s. After a week with a XC60 in T6 R-Design trim, we consider many US automobile shoppers have gotten it wrong.

This Volvo offers some-more load space, reserve and tech facilities than many of a rivals, all while undercutting them on price. It’s arguably improved looking than a others, too — even some-more so (to my eyes, anyway) than a Alfa Romeo Stelvio. It’s also remarkably good to drive, generally in a T6 R-Design trim we see here, that we consider is a honeyed mark of a lineup.

Really, a XC60 is a compress oppulance crossover that has it all. But is it adequate to inhibit those who have their sights sealed on a competition?

Safe and sound

For decades, Volvo has played adult a reserve aspects of a vehicles. Fittingly, a compress XC60 comes customary with active reserve facilities such as collision-mitigation braking, behind collision slackening support, lane-keep support with approaching line slackening and blind-spot monitoring with behind cross-traffic alert. The XC60 also includes energetic LED headlights with involuntary high-beams and rain-sensing windshield wipers. Even a base, $39,800 XC60 gets this full apartment of tech. You won’t find this turn of customary reserve apparatus anywhere else in a class.

The same goes for customary infotainment features. The XC60 comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on an 8-inch touchscreen as good as satellite radio. None of a 3 Germans can exaggerate that turn of customary tech.

The Sensus Connect infotainment can be a small fussy. On several occasions when swiping between screens, a element would appreciate my swipes as taps and move me into menus we didn’t intend to trigger. This is generally frustrating on a element in that means we have to appropriate opposite screens some-more than we competence like to — it’s menu overload. The graphics are alluring, during least, so your fingers might get flustered, nonetheless your eyes will be appeased.

You’ll also get tangible compensation with a XC60’s interior. Volvo is one of a tip brands in a attention when it comes to cabin comfort, quality, fit and finish. The XC60, inside and out, shows top-notch build quality.

My favorite component of a XC60’s interior is a discretionary Bowers Wilkins reward audio system. It’s though doubt one of a best audio systems on a market and value a $3,200 seeking price. Considering that a span of Bowers Wilkins 702 S2 home speakers will set we behind $4,500, upgrading to BW in your Volvo is a comparatively cost-effective approach to get world-class audio into your life.

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Standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto turn out an impressive-looking and gentle interior.

Sam Bendall/Roadshow

Helpful hauler

Crossover consumers value load space, and a Volvo offers a best hauling certification in a segment. Its 63.3 cubic feet of limit load ability is incomparable than that of a Acura RDX (58.9), Audi Q5 (60.4), BMW X3 (62.7) and a Mercedes-Benz GLC (56.5). 

The XC60’s cavernous load volume is even sweeping adequate to kick a Cadillac XT5 by 0.3 cubic feet, and a Caddy is half a distance category above a Volvo.

Putting Thor’s produce down

The palliate with that a XC60 accelerates and devours a set of turns creates it feel like one of a lighter, some-more lissome crossovers in a class. In a XC60 T6, Volvo adds a supercharger to a already clever 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine for a grand sum of 316 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. That gives it warning acceleration with gratifying energy delivery, interjection to a total supercharged boost.

The twin-charged engine is connected to an eight-speed involuntary delivery with change paddles we frequency used, simply since a default delivery programming is ideally fine. In fact, we frequency ever suspicion about a delivery since it’s so good during vanishing into a background, vouchsafing a engine’s strong energy shine.

The XC60’s all-wheel-drive element is a commendable ancillary expel member, though. Like a transmission, it also fades into a background, permitting all 316 ponies to strike a cement with small play when we need to lift out into trade quickly, and it offers plain soundness in severe weather.

Enlarge Image

The XC60 is one of a some-more agile, interesting SUVs in a class.

Sam Bendall/Roadshow

When it comes time to fast transport a XC60 behind down to a stop, a SUV’s brakes feel on a qui vive. Unlike a plug-in hybrid T8 chronicle that Emme Hall tested during a commencement of a year, we didn’t find these brakes touchy. Volvo has nonetheless to figure out how to brew regenerative braking with required braking and as a result, a T8’s pedal feel is disappointing. It has a modulation down pat with a T6’s required brakes, however.

The approach and accurate steering is pleasurable, too, complementing a XC60’s comparatively prosaic cornering and assured grip. From behind a wheel, a XC60’s float feels tuned toward a firmer side of a spectrum, nonetheless via my 564 miles of testing, a SUV never sent jolts adult my spine vast adequate to register on my cerebellum’s Richter scale. With a consultant float and doing change a customary steel springs offer, I’d suggest we save $1,800 and forget a atmosphere cessation option.

While we’re on that topic, I’d even allot saving $8,100 by forgoing a aforementioned T8 model. The T8 will give we another 84 horsepower, that is great, nonetheless not for eight grand. Also, 17 miles of all-electric operation and a few additional miles per gallon aren’t value all that money. My T6 tester gets 21 miles per gallon in a city, 27 mpg highway and 23 mpg total — we averaged 23.9 mpg. The T8 gets 26 city, 28 highway and 26 total mpg. For people with brief commutes who can block in each night, that’s fine, nonetheless a economy gains contra a cost expected won’t be value it for many people.

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The XC60’s cost can roughly hold $80,000 with each choice selected, nonetheless a $61,465 instance is still flattering most loaded.

Sam Bendall/Roadshow

How I’d spec it

Actually, we would sequence my XC60 accurately as tested. The sub-$40,000 bottom indication is a well-equipped value play in a segment, nonetheless as optioned, my $61,465 tester facilities LED haze lights, keyless access, a HomeLink transceiver, a exhilarated steering wheel, exhilarated seats front and behind and napa and nubuck (sanded, suede-like leather) upholstery that’s so gratifying to caress. My exam automobile also includes power-folding behind seats, embedded navigation, a head-up display, adaptive journey control with steering assist, a surround-view camera, lane-keep assist, a highway pointer guard and park assist, that is illusory for impressing your friends when we denote how a XC60 can parallel-park itself autonomously.

The Advanced Package is also a must, bundling adaptive journey control with steering assist, a 360-degree camera and a head-up display. All of that ain’t bad for $2,500. My tester’s 21-inch R-Design wheels are $1,000, nonetheless element a $645 Bursting Blue Metallic paint with deeply appreciative visible harmony. With winter looming, we consider $675 is value several warmer winters for a exhilarated steering circle that’s bundled with exhilarated behind seats.

Putting a Volvo’s as-tested cost opposite a comparably versed Audi SQ5 ($64,620), BMW X3 M40i ($66,770) and a likewise specced Mercedes-AMG GLC43 ($71,395) — all including $995 for end — a Volvo stands out as a outrageous value.

But pro tip: Be certain to practice patience when optioning an XC60. Filling each choice box with your merriment could lead to a $79,280 out-the-door cost for a garland of things we unequivocally don’t need, in sold a atmosphere suspension, a T8 powertrain, $2,200 massaging front seats and 1-inch incomparable wheels that are $3,375 some-more than my tester’s set of 21s. There’s also an stupid $1,765 Exterior Styling Kit that negligibly enhances a XC60’s already tangible sex appeal. Definitely don’t get that.

Enlarge Image

For around $60,000, a foe can’t review a XC60’s multiple of power, oppulance and practicality.

Sam Bendall/Roadshow

Goldilocks: Middle belligerent for a win

As equipped, my 2019 XC60 T6 AWD R-Design is expected a best compress oppulance crossover we can buy for around $60,000. If we were to choice a German foe with a same turn of facilities while not surpassing a Volvo’s price, you’d have to hang with their lowest horsepower offerings. (Although, during that powertrain level, a installed Audi Q5 can undercut a XC60 T5 AWD R-Design by about $1,500.)

Q5 premonition aside, a XC60 T6 still allows we to get all a oppulance facilities we wish along with some additional turbocharged and supercharged energy to boot. Even if we wanted to review a T6 to a 354-horsepower Audi SQ5, 355-horsepower BMW X3 M40i and a 362-horsepower Mercedes-AMG GLC43, a 316-horse Volvo is a small down on power, nonetheless for $3,000 to $10,000 reduction than those vehicles when comparably equipped, a Goldilocks XC60 screams “just right.”

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