2019 Volvo XC60 T5 AWD Long-Term Update 2: Comfortably Serene

A few months have upheld given a Volvo XC60 T5 AWD arrived, and it’s spent copiousness of time in torturous trade interjection to my 50-mile invert by downtown Los Angeles. Over a final few months, a XC60 valid itself a smashing commuter, a automobile that turns into your private refuge of patience during a daily grind.

Volvo is famous for a seats, and a long-term XC60 is explanation that it’s a master during conceptualizing them. Well contoured, gently padded, and bolstered only adequate though creation we feel confined, a front seats offer autarchic levels of comfort. Executive editor Mark Rechtin gathering from Monterey, California, behind to Los Angeles nonstop and raved about how poetic a thrones were. The far-reaching array of adjustments ensures front occupants can simply find a ideal position. Those sitting in a behind are treated to copiousness of head- and legroom and seats that are scarcely as gentle as those in a front, creation a XC60 a excellent road-trip vehicle.

The XC60’s cabin is some-more than only eye-candy; it delights we with a functionality and solidity, all while oozing style. Everything we hold feels expensive; there are copiousness of soothing molded plastics and stuffing wherever your arms fall. Cheap materials are few and distant between, though even those pieces are tactile; they’re used in areas divided from touchpoints like a reduce partial of a core console. The car’s interior imparts a clarity of peace once we lay inside, that is generally appreciated after a prolonged workday.

Our long-term XC60 is explanation of Volvo’s poise in crafting comfortable, beautiful, and tech-packed interiors that indulge a senses. Even with a large touchscreen and digital sign cluster, a car’s cabin is approachable, refreshingly simple, and elegant. Compared to rivals such as a Audi Q5 and BMW X3, a Volvo XC60’s interior is distinctive; there’s zero else like it. This is Swedish pattern during a finest, each bit as reward (or more) as a competitors though screaming about it.

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