2019 Volvo XC40 T5 long-term review, partial one By Alex Inwood01 Jan 2019 Honey

I CAN theory what you’re thinking: Inwood has been banging on about this white Volvo for months now. Yawn. But demeanour closer; all is not what it seems. Yep, like many other Aussies, I’ve embraced this whole ‘downsizing’ thing and swapped out a (brilliant) XC60 T8 I’ve run given a COTY win in Jan for a smaller hermit – the box-fresh, and rarely sought-after XC40.

My time in this new further will be fleeting. It’s earmarked for Wheels online editor Ryan Lewis who’ll trip behind a circle subsequent month once his 3008 long-termer heads behind to Peugeot HQ.

For now, though, we suspicion it’d be useful to share my initial thoughts on how a XC40 measures up. After all, expectations are high: concentrating a integrity of a XC60 into a smaller, funkier and some-more affordable package has to be a recipe for success, surely?

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Just removing an XC40 is a teenager spectacle in itself. A multiple of supply constraints and a large underestimation of direct by Volvo Oz means that for now, there’s a six-month wait on orders. Just one powertrain is available; a 2.0L turbo 4 in dual states of tune. Ours is a sportier T5, in R-Design trim level, that adds a smattering of upgrades inside and out (see sidebar above), with a few options that build on a $55,990 list price. They embody a $2500 Lifestyle Pack (heated seats, breathtaking sunroof), Adaptive Cruise Control with Pilot Assist for $2500, and an glorious 360 camera for $900.

All up, a plaque jumps to $62,710, that is a sizeable $43K saving compared with a incomparable XC60. And there’s copiousness of core integrity to enjoy. The initial thing we notice is a size. Foursquare and tall, with a corpulent position and a inexhaustible 2702mm wheelbase, a XC40 feels ideally proportioned for a immature family. The cabin is airy, a behind chair spacious, and a series of deftly designed and courteous touches verges on Skoda-esque. There’s a small, removable balderdash bin in a centre console, a take-away food offshoot that extends from a (chilled) glovebox, and a 460-litre foot has a three-piece building that rises and folds to stop bags shifting around.

There’s opening to bake too. T5s muster a same 2.0-litre petrol/eight-speed automobile combo as some XC60 variants and with 185kW/350Nm on tap, opening is hot-hatch rapid.

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Unlike a XC60, however, a smaller XC40 debuts Volvo’s all-new CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) platform, yet there’s copiousness of common DNA. The span share a same smartphone-like infotainment system, a steering has that singular multiple of being accurate and clever while feeling light and a small distant, and both hurl on outrageous wheels. In R-Design trim a XC40 boasts 20-inch hoops and it’s here that we run into a initial fissure in a armour. Suspension comprises struts adult front with multi-links out back, and while a pacifist set-up is easily staid by turns, we are penetrating to see what float alleviation comes with cars propitious with discretionary ($850) adaptive dampers.

Meanwhile, a behind chair pillow is a bit organisation and flat, and behind three-quarter prophesy is heavily detained by that corpulent C-pillar.

And annoyingly, a stop-start duty switches itself on with each new journey. Turning it off requires we to dive into a infotainment screen, suitable right and locate a suitable tab.

2018 Volvo XC40 review

Where a XC40 nails behind belligerent is with a personality. Unlike a beautifully engineered and mature XC60, a XC40 majors on impression and spunk. There’s copiousness of visible aptitude and we generally like a scalloped carp and territory on a reduce door. The usually bummer is this sold XC40 doesn’t have a lairy Lava Orange runner option, that creates me consider of a Peugeot 205 GTI.

So is a XC40 as convincing as a reigning COTY? First impressions are that it shares most of a elemental virtues. Let’s see what Lewis creates of it over a subsequent 5 months.

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