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The 2019 Volkswagen Atlas S 2.0T is a bottom stage on a Atlas ladder. It’s a slightest costly ($31,890), slightest absolute and has a slightest volume of equipment. The cloth seats are manually operated, a steering circle is urethane and there’s usually one USB port. It has a four-cylinder engine in a shred dominated by 6 cylinders. So, is this three-row crossover still adult to a family charge when it’s been nude down to a basics?


That 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is usually accessible on a bottom S and is interconnected exclusively with front-wheel drive. Every other Atlas has a 3.6-liter V6 good for 276 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque, that is on a low finish for a segment. As such, it’s not like you’re unequivocally giving adult a lot with a four-cylinder, that produces 235 horsepower and 258 lb-ft, yet it comes adult many earlier in a rev operation As such, a bottom engine doesn’t feel as underpowered as we competence expect, and there’s some-more than adequate courage benefaction to indeed means torque expostulate when we gun a stifle entrance out of a corner.

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Actually, a dual engines are a lot closer than you’d think. The six-cylinder is already underpowered for a shred and a tip trims import more, fatiguing a engine even further. The final Atlas we drove, a installed SEL Premium, weighs about 500 pounds some-more than a S 2.0T, definition a V6 is usually impeded by 1 fewer bruise per horsepower. To go one step further, in Car and Driver testing, a 2.0T was indeed 0.7 second quicker than such a installed Atlas.

My inner stop watch would positively grant with their instrumented contrariety – a turbo usually feels quicker. Now, would it feel quicker if it had to projection around an additional 500 pounds of all-wheel expostulate and imagination equipment? We’ll never know, that’s not an option. Would a V6 be stronger in a lighter, lesser-equipped SE trim level? Perhaps.

Fuel economy stands during 20 mpg city, 26 mpg highway and 22 mpg total with a 2.0T engine, that matches a 22.0 mpg we achieved in 90 miles of churned city, towering and farming highway driving. That’s flattering many normal for a segment, yet keep in mind that many of those have six-cylinder engines. The Atlas’ V6, by contrast, is usually good for 19 mpg combined.

Besides fulfilment performance, a 2.0T’s large weight disproportion relations to a installed Atlas is something we can positively feel when behind a wheel. The SEL Premium we formerly tested roughly feels like a previous-generation Audi Q7, abrasive a highway underneath it, and providing a clarity of unaffected participation and reduction that’s a heading of German vehicles. That’s not benefaction in a S 2.0T, that roughly feels light on a feet and tossable by comparison. It’s really not possibly of those things when built adult to a Mazda CX-9 or Honda Pilot, for instance, yet it’s excellent for a shred and a steering is agreeably responsive, linear in a bid and giveaway from a extra-numb on-center feel of other Volkswagens.

That said, a Atlas S 2.0T is really springy, with lots of physique motions over undulations and speed humps. It really feels like a cessation was meant to be staid down by a additional weight that’s not benefaction in a 2.0T. Despite that, it also greets manholes and damaged cement with a customary Germanic firmness. It’s utterly honestly an peculiar multiple of float attributes: floaty sometimes, organisation in others.

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2019 Volkswagen Atlas

Inside, when we frame a Atlas of a timber trim, leather and additional equipment, it’s unfit to omit a hard, clearly inexpensive cosmetic on a doors and core console. The customary black cloth and metal-look china trim are ideally fine, yet in general, this is usually an unimaginative, plain-Jane interior. Admittedly, a bottom trim levels of a competitors are also likewise dim and monotone, yet even something like a bottom Subaru Ascent has a some-more interestingly designed dash, while a materials peculiarity in a 2019 Toyota Highlander LE we recently tested was indeed superior.

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2019 Volkswagen Atlas

No longer can we design Volkswagen to yield segment-leading interior peculiarity as it once did, and as it continues to do in abroad market. American-market Volkswagens like a Atlas are all about abounding distance and value. So if that’s critical to you, it positively delivers.

Indeed, a Atlas is positively gigantic. There is some-more headroom, legroom and under-thigh support in a third quarrel than anything brief of a minivan or Ford Expedition. I’m 6-foot-3 and I’ve fit utterly absolutely in a third-row of an Atlas for some-more than an hour. There could maybe be some-more seatback recline, yet beggars, choosers, etc. There is also an contentment of space in a second row, that slides to a many incomparable grade than those of rivals to yield even some-more legroom to those in a third row, emanate additional load room or move kids in automobile seats closer to mom in dad. The far-sliding second quarrel also provides a many incomparable pass-through for third-row entrance – I’d peril it’s double what you’d get in a Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot.

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That’s a box with any Atlas, however. Up front, you’ll find a vital disproportion with a S 2.0T in that it has a six-way manually tractable motorist seat. There’s lots of composition available, and it dips distant down low adequate in a back to yield plenty under-thigh support for high drivers. Unfortunately, doing so put me extremely low in a cabin – a steering circle hardly slanted low adequate and a doorway sill was aloft than my shoulder. we was gentle enough, though, and didn’t have this emanate with a energy chair that shows adult on a second trim turn rung, a SE.

Cargo space is exceptional. As you’ll see in a video above, we can fit 4 suitcases and an overnight bag behind a third-row, that strictly measures as a 20.6-cubic-foot space. Only the Kia Telluride (21.0) and Chevrolet Traverse (23.0) transcend it, yet a Atlas is so particularly far-reaching with additional space supposing by cubbies located during a distant edges, that we wouldn’t be astounded if it’s indeed some-more functional. Needless to say, space with a seats lowered is gigantic. There’s 55.5 cu-ft with a third-row lowered (for perspective, that’s about what a aged VW Tiguan had as a limit capacity), while a 96.8 cu-ft with both rows lowered is bested usually by a Traverse. The Telluride and 2020 Ford Explorer tip out in a 87-cube range.

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As for technology, a kids will be cheesed that there’s usually a singular USB pier in a 2.0T and it’s located adult front in a low bin brazen of a shifter. You get 4 USB ports starting with a SE trim, that also adds an 8-inch touchscreen contra a 6.5-inch one in a S, and HD and satellite radio, a CD actor and even an auxiliary audio jack (Bluetooth is during slightest customary on a S). The SE also gains unnatural leather, exhilarated front seats, a second-row core armrest, back sunshades, a leather-wrapped steering circle and a vicinity entrance and push-button start. That comes during a not-insignificant $4,600 cost premium, that also includes a V6, yet represents good value for a segment.

In general, though, a simple Atlas was ideally excellent with what it had, and positively delivers on a basis of family transportation: oodles of space and an considerable reserve resume that includes customary involuntary puncture braking, blind-spot and back cross-traffic warning, LED headlights, a rearview camera and a best-possible pile-up ratings from a supervision and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It also comes during a reasonable cost and with VW’s attention best warranty of 6 years/72,000 miles.

Perhaps profitable a bit additional for a nicer SE creates sense, yet we positively shouldn’t do it for a bigger engine, and a interior ambiance will be usually as plain and dour. So yes, a bottom Atlas is still adult to a family task.

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