2019 Nissan Leaf Costs More In Singapore Than A GT-R In America

Walk into any Nissan dealership in a US and you’ll see a Leaf EV with a bottom plaque cost tab of $29,990, not including some taxation breaks. At a really conflicting finish of a spectrum, a new GT-R will set we behind during slightest $99,990. Considering a outlay and altogether capabilities, that’s not a totally irrational cost tag. But what is unreasonable, and undisguised insane, is what a new 2019 Nissan Leaf costs in a city-state of Singapore.

According to a inventory from SGCarMart.com, a Nissan distributor in Singapore, Tan Chong Motor Sales, is offered a new Leaf for – wait for it – $167,300. On a and side, there is a $20,000 remission that we assume is a taxation break. Then again, there’s a $1,494 yearly highway tax, though a sale cost includes 6 months-worth of that tax.

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