2019 Nissan Altima Challenges 2019 Toyota Camry For Family Car Supremacy

Reviews of a all-new 2019 Nissan Altima have been certain so far. The sixth-generation Altima is not usually miles improved than a predecessor, though it also has a intensity to dissapoint a determined sequence in a midsize sedan segment.

Speaking of hierarchy, a new Altima needs to kick a 2019 Toyota Camry if Nissan wants to explain a climax in this highly-contested shred that has been mostly a Japanese event for many years now.

As a segment’s best-seller, a Camry is a tough bulb to crack, generally with a redesign for a 2018 indication year.

So, does a new Altima have what it takes to unseat a Camry? To answer this question, Redline Reviews pitted a dual Japanese sedans opposite any other. Both are in range-topping trims; the Altima is in Platinum VC-Turbo guise with a turbo-four engine, while a Camry is V6 XLE.

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While beauty is in a eye of a beholder, a reviewer found a cabin of a Camry a some-more beguiling place to be. The fit and finish are better, as is a peculiarity of a materials. For example, a Altima facilities a cheap-looking feign timber trim and a leather on a steering circle feels like vinyl rather than genuine leather.

On a other hand, a Nissan offers a improved infotainment complement than a Toyota. It integrates both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto while a Camry usually comes with Apple CarPlay connectivity — and usually starting with a 2019 indication year. Interior space is also somewhat improved in a new Altima.

Can a all-new Altima kick a renouned Camry for a pretension of a best family automobile in a U.S.? Head over to a video for a full examination and a verdict.


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