2019 Mazda MX-5 Review: 7500rpm In A Miata Is My New Happy Place

Inside a four-cylinder lump, you’ll find revised valve open rates, lighter pistons, lighter joining rods, and revised crankshaft counterweights. Outside of a retard and head, a stifle physique and empty valve have been enlarged, a scarf switched out for a redesigned part, and there’s a new low-inertia twin mass flywheel.

Unless you’re into your geeky engineering details, it’s expected we started to tumble defunct during that final paragraph. But concede me to arise we behind adult by explaining what that means for a pushing experience: energy is adult from 168 to 181bhp – a decent boost for a light automobile – and that energy is now done during 7000rpm. Oh, and a engine revs to 7500rpm, 700 some-more than before. You’re listening now, aren’t you?

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