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Bumping a 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata’s power from 155 horses to 181, and small interior upgrades such as a telescoping steering circle were some-more than adequate to make a appealing roadster even some-more so. But there’s nonetheless another reward in store for those that collect adult a new Mazda: some-more efficiency. As initially speckled by attention viewer Bozi Tatarevic, a EPA expelled fuel economy numbers for a new model, and they’re improved than a 2018’s. And between a involuntary and primer versions, a primer sees a biggest increase.

Now, these are, very, very teenager increases in EPA fuel economy, though any boost is acquire when zero is lost. The involuntary continues to be a many efficient. While a city and highway ratings are unvaried during 26 and 35 mpg respectively, a sum rating increases by 1 mile per gallon to 30.

The primer delivery indication isn’t distant behind. City mileage stays a same during 26 mpg, as does a sum rating of 29 mpg. However, highway fuel economy picks adult 1 mpg for a sum of 34.

So to recap, a 2019 Miata retains its good looks, and expected a witty doing and snickety shifter. But it also gets some-more power, improved fuel economy, a improved interior, and some-more options to customize than ever before. This is sounding like it could be a best Miata, yet. We can’t wait to try it out.

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