2019 Hyundai Genesis G70 Deserves a Hype

2019 Hyundai Genesis G70 photos by Matt Coker

It took a radio news shred a few weeks ago to warn yours truly that Hyundai was divulgence a new, smaller sedan from a Genesis oppulance code during a 2018 LA Auto Show.

“I’ve gotz to expostulate me one-uh dem G70s,” we told myself–and afterwards soon forgot until we was recently contacted with an offer to try one-uh dem out.

However, even before a late tumble automobile show, regard was easily heaped on a third of 6 new Genesis models slated to entrance by 2021, Hyundai’s initial Genesis in a rarely rival entry-level oppulance shred (that a BMW 3 Series also occupies) as good as a final sedan of a South Korean automaker’s Genesis lineup.

Nappa leather seating surfaces’ “luxury quilting” is an extra.

In September, a G70 was named a finalist in a 2018 International Design Excellence Awards. A month later, a 2019 indication was awarded Ruedas ESPN’s “Best Luxury Sedan.”

And afterwards came a biggies, announced during a LA Auto Show: 2019 Motor Trend Car of a Year, Car and Driver 10Best endowment leader (a initial for a Genesis), Hispanic Motor Press “Best Deluxe Car” leader and a finalist for a North American Car of a Year.

While a Mallorca Blue G70 RWD 3.3T Sport was extinguishing my driveway, a Insurance Institute for Highway Safety was fixing a whole Genesis indication line, including a G70, a 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick (with a premonition that a G80 had to be versed with specific headlights).

From a wheel-y large oppulance competition sedan playa.

What’s unequivocally annoying is my Fountain Valley bureau is nearby a Hyundai North American domicile that was soon trumpeting all a G70 achievements. No longer possessing a component of warn when it came to reviewing a already-much-gabbed-about four-door, we nonetheless was vehement to stand behind a circle given whatever integrity was constructed would still be new to me.

The initial pointer we was in something special came when we incited off of my travel and gave a rear-wheel expostulate G70 a small gas. The takeoff was so many smoother than it had been in a final few vehicles we had driven (most generally a family SUV).

For my daily commute, we lift onto a vital highway and contingency immediately get over to a distant left line as not to skip a vicious turn. It did not take many coaxing with a G70’s accelerator pedal to immediately pierce to a stick position among a container of stop-and-go vehicles. A few seconds later, while still in normal pushing mode on an differently forlorn on-ramp, we put a pedal to a steel for shits and giggles. It was as if I’d launched a rocket.

An umbrella, twin board selling bags and, uh, some-more fit in a trunk.

“Damn,” we suspicion to myself, carrying given deserted a Cajun accent, “imagine if this puppy had been in Sport mode.”

Being smaller, a G70 rubbed improved while holding curves quick than did a mid-size G80 we exam gathering final Mar and a full-size G90 we sampled a open before that. And yet, we did not feel some-more close in a G70 driver’s chair (nor did any of my passengers protest about a same), and there still seemed to be copiousness of room in a trunk.

So a G70 is a sedan for drivers who wish luxury, sportiness, well-spoken rides, plain opening and a neat design–and that is easier to park and stingier on a gasoline expenditure when compared to many mid- and full-sizes. (My exam float listed 18 miles to a gallon in a city, 28 mpg highway and 21 mpg combined.)

Fully installed though comparatively affordable oppulance found here.

Then there is a cost. Hyundai boasts that G70s start  during a comparatively affordable $34,900. However, my exam float had a bottom manufacturer’s suggested sell cost of $43,750, and extras and fees that took a sum adult to $50,495. Of course, there are many opportunities out there to spend many some-more than 50 grand for fully-loaded luxury.

Coming customary on my exam car were amalgamate wheels, reward braking, assorted airbags, driver-warning systems, LED lights and signals, power-folding thises and thats, a sport-turned suspension, a limited-slip differential, twin scarf empty and that honeyed 3.3-liter, six-cylinder, turbo engine with eight-speed involuntary transmission. Premium audio and touchscreen navigation systems as good as inexhaustible Hyundai warranties are also standard.

The bump-up in cost on my exam float are attributable to 3 packages of extras. The $1,500 Sport Package includes electronically tranquil suspension, 19-inch amalgamate wheels with Michelin summer tires, dim stain taillight covers, dim chrome grille and window trim, copper headlight bezel accent and black Nappa leather seating surfaces with competition quilting. The $1,750 Elite Package includes a far-reaching sunroof, low-beam assist, rain-sensing wipers, parking-distance warning and a wireless charging pad. And a $2,500 Elite Package facilities a heads-up display, surround-view monitor, microfiber suede superstar and exhilarated back seats to compare what is customary on a fronts (that are also ventilated).

Can’t wait to see what’s entrance from Genesis during subsequent fall’s automobile show.

Matt Coker has been engaging, enraging and interesting readers of newspapers, magazines and websites for decades. He spent a initial 13 years of his career in broadcasting during daily newspapers before “graduating” to OC Weekly in 1995 as a paper’s initial calendar editor. He went on to be handling editor, executive editor and is now comparison staff writer.

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